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Rockfish Spring League This Weekend: 
Games Saturday, Playoffs Sunday--(Apr. 6, 2001)

RSL play will resume this weekend at LA City College.  Saturday marks the final day of the regular season of RSL play, and Sunday will mark the first day of the RSL playoffs, which will conclude a week from tomorrow (Saturday, April 14). A lot of the players in the RSL will also be over at Cal State Dominguez Hills and Lynwood at the Pump Easter Tournament, so you will likely see a lot of the same players at both locations, particularly among the "outside" teams (Belmont Shore, Inland and IEBP) or players on some of the RSL teams who play predominantly for other teams during the spring and summer tournaments.  Of course, that's not the case for those guys who play exclusively for the Rockfish travel teams (e.g., the players who play on the Rockfish 1, 2 and 3 teams in the spring and summer tournaments), so if you want to see guys like Rory O'Neil,  Bryant Markson, Donald Wilson, Wes Wardrop, Nick Curtis, etc.,  then LACC will be the only place to see those guys tomorrow and Sunday. . . As for us, we'll be at both throughout the day.

Here's the schedule for Saturday and for the rest of the playoffs.   Note that we've updated the Sunday, April 8 schedule based on the info which Mark Mayemura and Dave Benezra e-mailed us tonight.  It might change.   Sunday's schedule might change yet again (we've already received two different versions) but this is the latest one we've gotten.  

Saturday, April 7, 2001 Sunday, April 8, 2001 (Playoffs)
9:00 am   Belmont Shore v. Dolphins
10:30 am   Swordfish v. Dolphins
12:00 noon   Barracudas v. Inland
1:30 p.m.   Swordfish v. Orcas
3:00 p.m.   Barracudas v. Marlins
4:30 p.m.   Orcas v. Hammerheads
6:00 p.m.   IEBP v. Marlins
7:30 p.m.   IEBP v. Hammerheads
10:00 a.m.   Game 1 Dolphins v. Inland
11:30 a.m.   Game 2 IEBP 2 v. Hammerheads)
1:00 p.m.  Game 3 Belmont Shore v. Barracudas
2:30 p.m.   Game 4 Swordfish v. Marlins
4:00 p.m.   Game 5 Loser Game 1 v. Loser Game 2
5:30 p.m.   Game 6 #1 Seed IEBP v. Winner Game 1
7:00 p.m.   Game 7 #2 Seed Orcas v. Winner Game 2
Saturday, April 14, 2001 (Playoffs) Friday, April 20, 2001 (@LACC)
10:00 a.m.   Game 8 Loser Game 3 v. Loser Game 4
11:30 a.m.   Game 9 Winner Game 4 v. Winner Game 7
1:00 noon   Game 10 Winner Game 3 v. Winner Game 6
2:30 p.m.   Game 11 Loser Game 5 v. Loser Game 6
4:00 p.m.   Game 12 Frosh-Soph All Star Game
5:30 p.m.   Game 13 Game TBA
7:00 p.m.   Game 14 Winner Game 9 v. Winner Game 10
Championship of League
All-Star Games
6:30 p.m. Top 48 All Star Game
8:00 p.m. Top 24 All Star Game

And here are the rosters, once again, just to keep everything in one place (Note: There  have been some changes since the rosters were last printed, but these are the latest ones we've got.  Some newer players have been added to the league and a few have left as well, but these rosters are about 99% accurate):

Coaches: Hernando Planells & Jeff Berokoff
Drew Gibson   5’11 so   Dorsey HS
Chris Tarne   6’1 jr   Crescenta Valley HS
Brandon Robinson   6’2 sr   Chatsworth HS
Austin Oglesby   6’3 fr   Cathedral City HS
Frank Robinson   6’3 jr   Chatsworth HS
Steven Shewmake   6’4 fr   Desert Hot Springs HS
Pablo Dresie   6’5 jr   Santa Monica HS
David Newkirk   6’5 sr   Maranatha HS
Kenny Penn   6’6 jr   Las Vegas Durango HS
John Folonis   6’7 sr   Santa Monica HS
Nick Curtis   6’8 sr   Oxnard HS
Jonathon Todd   6’8 jr   Chaminade HS
Thomas Shewmake   6’10 jr   Cathedral City HS
Coaches: Rodney Robinson, Mark Mayemura
David Gale   6’1 jr   Buckley HS
Ralph Miley   6’1 fr   Calvary Chapel Downey
Calvert Wright   6’1 sr   Locke HS
Jermaine Arteberry   6’2 so   Los Angeles HS
Steve Graybill   6’2 jr   Dos Pueblos HS
Cecil Brown   6’3 sr   Canoga Park HS
Ryan Moore   6’5 sr   Brea Olinda HS
Desmond Newman   6’6 jr   Los Angeles HS
Evan Moore   6’6 so   Brea Olinda HS
Seth Davis   6’7 jr   Muir HS
Curtis Battle   6’9 jr   Dorsey HS
Gary Hamilton   6’9 jr   Crenshaw HS
Ryan Hollins   6’10 jr   Muir HS
Coach: Dave Wexler
Jimmy Goffredo   5’11 sor   Crescenta Valley
Gabriel Pruitt   6’0 fr   Centennial HS
Arron Afflalo   6’0 fr   Centennial HS
Dino Wilburn 6'2" jr Pasadena HS
Robbie Neyland   6’3 jr   La Canada HS
Kevin Stacey   6’3 jr   Mission Viejo HS
Gavin Lee   6’4 jr   Bishop Montgomery HS
Matt Henderson   6’5 jr   Calvary Chapel Downey
Bryant Markson   6’6 jr   Monrovia HS
Thomas Herring   6’6 fr   Monrovia HS
MacKenzie Clark 6'7 jr. Pasadena HS
Ryan O’Hara   6’7 jr   Monrovia HS
Travis Niesen   6’8 jr   Mission Viejo HS
Alex Graham   7’0 sr   Redlands HS
Coach: Kevin Stapleton
Billy Hofman   6’0 so   La Canada HS
Will Sheslow   6’0 jr   Granada Hills HS
Chukwuma Awaji   6’1 fr   Daniel Murphy HS
Leon Jacobs   6’2 jr   Manual Arts HS
Tim Drisdom   6’4 jr   Calvary Chapel HS
James Hartman   6’4 sr   San Clemente HS
John Haywood   6’6 jr   Bishop Amat HS
Brice Prather* 6'8 jr Villa Park HS
Kevin Edmunds   6’7 jr   Fountain Valley HS
Kevin Gardner   6’7 jr   Peninsula HS
Onye Ibekwe   6’7 jr   Crenshaw HS
Ekene Ibekwe   6’9 so   Carson HS
Paul Meynen   6’11 jr   Redondo Union HS
Coachs: David Benezra, Mark Berokoff
Josh Dunaj   6’0 sr   Riverside Poly HS
Khalif Ford   6’0 so   Diamond Bar HS
Kyle Shiloh   6’1 so   Garces HS
Jamaal Hall   6’2 jr   Muir HS
Matt Sargeant   6’2 fr   Pasadena Poly HS
Donald Wilson   6’3 jr   Dorsey HS
Josh Arnold   6’3 so   Lynwood HS
James Jenkins   6’7 sr   Crescenta Valley HS
Jason Gilzene   6’7 so   Hamilton HS
Ronald Allen   6’8 jr   Artesia HS
Nashid Beard 6’8 jr   Reseda HS
Robert Swift   6’10 fr   Garces HS
Jarrod Boswell   6’11 so   El Capitan HS
Wes Wardrop   6’3 jr   Worcester Academy
David Popoola   6’4 sr   Blue Ridge School
Daryl Pegram   6’8 jr   Worcester Academy
Coach: David Payne
Marc Holmquist 5'9 jr Saugus HS
Patrick Fuller   5’11 fr   Muir HS
Peter McCaslin   6’1 sr   Chadwick HS
Levi Steinmetz   6’2 sr   Burroughs HS
Sterling Stegall   6’2 so   Canoga Park HS
De’Von Thomas   6’2 so   Muir HS
Jeremy Haggerty   6’4 jr   Canyon HS
Tony Moore   6’5 jr   Dorsey HS
Joel Smith   6’6 jr   Lompoc HS
Michael Wilds   6’7 sr   Dorsey HS
David Patten   6’8 jr   El Dorado HS
Matt Salinas 6'9 jr Sonora HS
Rory O’Neil   6’11 sr   Burroughs HS

In addition to the Rockfish "house" teams, Belmont Shore (Dinos Trigonis) will field a team, as will Elvert Perry's Inland group and Keith Howard and Julius Patterson will also bring one or two IEBP (Inland Empire Ballers & Players) teams.  We only have the Belmont Shore potential roster, and while we don't think all these guys will be there at the same time, nor will Belmont's roster be limited to just these guys, this is a pretty representative sampling of who will be playing for Belmont Shore:

Belmont Shore
Coach: Dinos Trigonis

Carlos Rivers   5'10" Jr.   Long Beach Poly
Ruben Sanchez   6'0" Sr.   Sherman Oaks Notre Dame
Patrick Haddan   6'1" Jr.   Woodbridge
Matt Llewellyn   6'3" Jr.   Campbell Hall
Wesley Washington   6'3" So.   Mater Dei
Giovanni St. Amant   6'3" So.   St. John Bosco
Hassan Adams   6'4" Jr.   Westchester
Dominic Freeman   6'4" Jr.   Millikan
Omar Wilkes   6'4" So.   Loyola
Reggie Butler   6'5" Jr.   Long Beach Poly
Marcus Dove   6'6" So.   Millikan
Tony Melum   6'7" Jr.   Newport Harbor
Trevor Ariza   6'7" So.   Westchester
Marcedes Lewis   6'7" Jr.   Long Beach Poly
Jamaal Walls   6'7" Jr.   Crenshaw
Harrison Schaen   6'8" So.   Mater Dei

Coaches: Elvert "Kool Aid" Perry,  JV Bell

Randy Adams 6'5 jr Canyon Springs
Carlton Arnwine 5'10 So Canyon Springs
Ronald Austin 6'5 8th Upland Jr. HS
Richard Cobbs 6'5 S. Canyon Springs
Alfonso James 5'9 Jr. Canyon Springs
Jermaine Johnson 6'5 So. Hacienda Heights Wilson HS
Andre McGee 5'6 8th Mountain View Jr. HS
Justin Sapp 5'10 8th Lorber Jr. HS
Brandon Woods 6'4 So. Canyon Springs HS
Leon Rosborough 6'3 Jr Martin Luther King Jr. HS
Joshua Smith 6'5 7th Mountain View Jr. HS
Lawrence Carrier 6'8 So. Salisbury Prep (CT)
Antwan Wright 6'7 Jr. Lawrence Academy (MA)

IEBP (Inland Empire Basketball Program)
Coaches: Keith Howard, Julius Patterson

Kevin Pinkney 6'9 Sr. Colton HS
Jackson Wood 6'7 Sr. Riverside Poly HS
Brandon Gray 6'5 Jr. Cathedral City HS
Shaddean Aaron 6'5 Jr. Claremont HS
Earl Wilson 6'2 Jr. Claremont HS
Jeremy Lopez 6'4 Jr. Riverside Poly HS
Perrin Johnson 6'6 So. La Sierra HS
Kris Maxey 6'2 Sr. Lake Elsinore
Marvin Lea 6'2 Jr. Martin Luther King Jr
Talani Calhoun 6'0 Jr. Ramona HS
Josh Zazulia 6'2 Jr. Palm Desert HS
Matt Thomas 6'3 Fr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Paul Heredia 6'5 Sr. Cathedral City HS
Chris Duffy 6'7 Sr. Valley View HS
Josh Dillon 5'11 Jr. Victor Valley HS
Kevin Dillon 6'0 So. Victor Valley HS
Daniel Robinson 6'3 Jr. Barstow HS
Mike Hailey 6'5 Jr. Barstow HS
Andrew Hatch 6'0 Fr. Ayala HS
Justin Griffin 6'0 Sr. Santiago HS
Kevin Morrow 6'3 So. Corona HS
Deon Sikmpson 5'8 So. Santiago HS
CJ Richardson 6'1 Sr. Murrieta Valley HS
Donovan Morris 6'4 Jr Cajon HS
Johnny Dukes 6'7 Jr Eisenhower HS
Sean Marshall 6'5 So. Eisenhower HS
Joe Buller 6'2 Sr. Chapparal HS
Daniel Burke 6'2 Fr. Eisenhower
Tyrone Marshall 6'2 Sr. Eisenhower
Danny Doss 6'5 Jr. Martin Luther King HS
Tim Denson 6'0 Fr. Santiago HS
Chris Brazelton 6'2 Sr. Redlands East Valley HS
Corey McJimson 6'6 Jr. Fontana HS

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