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5th Annual adidas Mats' Madness
Tournament Next Weekend--(May 20, 2001)

This is another one of those persistent reminders that we are known for:  Next weekend is the  "Mats' Madness" Tournament, the big adidas sponsored tournament of the Memorial Day weekend, and it takes place up in Fresno.

This will again be a 64 team tournament, and the tournament starts Saturday, May  which will be taking place over the weekend of May 26 and continues on through Monday, the 28th.  The games will start on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. and will continue through the Championship which will be played late Monday afternoon. The first day and a half of competition will be pool play, and then starting a shortly after noon on Sunday, the single-elimination portion of the tournament will get started.

This is going to be a very competitive tournament, and while we haven't seen all of the rosters (yet) we've got some information on a few of them and you can read about them in our new index of teams (again, we make no warranty as to the current accuracy of the rosters we do have).

Dennis Magro, who actually runs around organizing this event (he also works with Bort Escoto on the War on the Floor, but that's another story), sent us the tentative pool assignments this morning  (remember, the operative word is tentative).  Here's what it looks like so far:  

Pool A @ Sunnyside

LA Rockfish
Benchwear Bruins

Pool B @ McLane

Pump N Run
Sal Lake Metro
Central Valley AS
Soul Vikes

Pool C @ Roosevelt

Inland I
Smooth Ballers
Inner City Hoops
US Tarheels

Pool D  @ Wash. U.

Amer-I-Can I
SSA Gold
Oakland Hotshots
Fresno Falcons

Pool E @ Edison

H-Squad II

Pool F @ McLane

Double Pump All Stars
Hustlin Eagles
805 Bakersfield

Pool G @ W.U.

Oak Soliders II
Rockfish Dolphins
N. Riverside S&J
Y.O.U. Hoops

Pool H @ Roosevelt

RF Hammerheads
IEBP Players
Rim Rockers

Pool I @ Fresno

Bay Area Ballers I
Amer-I-Can II
SacTown Ballers
Solano All Stars

Pool J @ Edison

Inland II
Next Level
ARC Top Frosh

Pool K @ W.U.

H-Squad I
Oakland Soldiers III
Rockfish Swordfish
Cent. Valley Outlawz

Pool L @ W.U.

SSA Platinum
IEBP Ballers
Alleycats Red
Modesto S&J

Pool M @ Fresno

IEBP All Stars
Bay Area Ballers II
Triple Threat

Pool N @ Sunnyside

EBO/EA Sports II
Carl's Jr. Superstars
Lodi Frosh

Pool O @ Sunnyside

EBO/EA Sports I
Rockfish Barracudas
Lodi Flames

Pool P @ Sunnyside

Oakland Soliders I
Camp Exposure
Laguna Select
South Gate Bumboys

We'll have some preview stuff on some of the teams (in addition to the raw rosters) later in the week.

See you there. 

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