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West Coast. . .Er, PacWest. . Er, PrepWestHoops
Now On Line--(May 29, 2001)

prepwesthoops.gif (7385 bytes)Whatever you want to call it, it's now PrepWestHoops, and it is back on line after a short hiatus following the demise of  Tracy Pierson, whose principal site is Bruin Report Online (BRO for short) has relaunched the west coast basketball recruiting  news site that he and Greg Hicks worked on for the past two years under the Rivals umbrella.  So why the name change?  Apparently, Rivals had both the administrative and technical registration for the name "PacWestHoops" and they aren't giving it up, at least not for free or without some sort of consideration, and right now, evidently Tracy isn't buying. . . By the way, this situation is not atypical of what has happened with other domain names registered to Rivals.  Oh well. . . things could be worse.

PrepWestHoops looks like it's going to have some of the same good recruiting info that its predecessor site had.  Tidbits, highlights, player evaluations, rankings, and a message board too.  But this time around, the model is slightly different. Formerly it was an advertiser-based network which paid for things, but with the decline in advertising rates, that's not feasible for folks who have to make a living doing what they do, and so for Tracy's new site, it will eventually involve a premium feature, where most of the "good stuff" will be pay-per-view.   Tracy shared some of the ideas with us for the site this past weekend while we were watching games up in Fresno, and some of the concepts sound exciting.  It will take time to develop, but In the meantime, the whole thing is free, so get it while you can.    There are currently some player evals from the Mats' Madness Tournament already posted, and even a couple of informative messages too. More is certainly on the way.  Nice to have them back in business.

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