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4th Annual Roundball Extravaganza
Set For June 3--(May 21, 2001)

RB4letterhead.gif (6208 bytes) What: 4th Annual Roundball Extravaganza
Sunday, June 3,  2001
Afternoon & Evening Games
What: Top Players from all over SoCal
More than 150 in all
Six big AAU All-Star games
Where: Marina High School, Huntington Beach, CA
Game #1: 9th Grade & Rising Freshmen AAU All Stars
Game #2: Rising Soph Boys AAU All Stars
Game #3: AAU HS Girls All Stars
Game #4 Rising Junior Boys AAU All Stars
Game #5: Rising Seniors/Top 20 AAU Boys All Stars
Game #6: Graduating Seniors & Top 20 Plus Players
Game #7 Rising Seniors/Top 20 AAU Girls All Stars

We just received the first "semi-official" announcement about this year's Roundball Extravaganza, and it's no longer just a South Orange County event, but will feature players from all over, including Los Angeles, the Valley, San Bernardino and San Diego.

This year's Roundball will feature 7 games as in the past.   We don't yet have as many details as we did last year at this time, (like the schedule) but we do have all the rosters for the various games.

The first year's Roundball Extravaganza was held at Capistrano Valley HS and was attended by more than 1,300 people; two years ago, the Roundball Extravaganza was held at Laguna Hills HS and drew more than 2,500.  Last year it was at Santa Margarita and there was an even bigger crowd.  This year's event, in keeping with the tradition of moving around, will be held at Marina HS in Huntington Beach.

We don't know the ticket prices, but imagine that they'll be similar to year's past (i.e., about $10 for Adults, $6 for students, and $3 for children age 12 and under, but that's a guess, so don't hold us to that).  For additional information about the event, call 949-206-2441. 

Here are the game rosters which we just received:

The headliner games for the boys will be the two evening games, both of which will precede the Girls Top 20 game which will conclude the evening.  Prior to those three games, there will be a rising 9th grade boys' game, a rising sophs game, a rising juniors game, and a girls AAU game.  The top two boys games will look like this:

Game #6--AAU Graduating Seniors &
Overall Top 20 Boys' All Stars
Dijon Thompson   (Redondo Union/UCLA)
Andre Patterson   (Washington/UCLA)
Errick Craven   (Bishop Montgomery/USC)
Derrick Craven   (Bishop Montgomery/USC)
Kirk Snyder   (Upland/Nevada)
Jamal Williams   (Corona Centenial/New Mexico)
Cody Pearson   (Notre Dame/UND)
Isaiah Fox   (Crossroads/Arizona)
Sheldon Pace   (Upland/UND)
Floyd North   (St. Augustine/Oregon St.)
Eric Osmundson   (St. Augustine/Utah)
Marques Crane   (Ocean View)
Danny Lambert   (Woodbridge)
Torin Beeler   (Ocean View)
Matt Green   (El Toro)
Ricky Porter   (Mater Dei/UC Riverside)
RJ Socci   (Santa Margarita)
Jeff Gloger   (Capo Valley/UCI)
Beau Brown   (Marina)
Harrison Schaen   (Mater Dei)
Matt MacGinnis   (Villa Park/Pt. Loma)
James Hartmon   (San Clemente)
Ikene Ibekwe   (Carson)
Edwin Draughan   (Mayfair/Yale)
Game #5--AAU HS Rising Seniors                     
Top 20 Boys' All Stars
David Gale   (Buckley)
Greg Gambino   (La Canada)
David Conte   (Costa Mesa)
Pat Hadden   (Woodbridge)
Pete Decasas   (Capo Valley)
Jake Franzen   (Capo Valley)
Matt Sweeney   (Capo Valley)
Brian Riley   (Marina)
Derek Stockalper   (Carlsbad)
Nate Carter   (Horizon)
Brice Prather   (Villa Park)
Aaron Tudor   (Trabuco Hills)
Adam Zahn   (Redondo Union)
Tony Melum   (Newport Harbor)
Giovani St. Amant   (St. John Bosco)
Steve Clark   (Ocean View)
Travis Niesen   (Mission Viejo)
Travis Smith   (Santa Margarita)
Lenny Collins   (Santa Margarita)
Brandon Rohe   (Santa Margarita)

These two games will be preceded by three other boys' games:

Game #1
Rising Frosh Boys All Stars
Justin Pack   (Villa Park)
Shane Mahoney   (Redondo Union)
Corey Hortz   (Servite)
Caleb Rogers   (Ocean View)
Chase Perkowsky   (Santa Margarita)
Ryan Stipher   (Santa Margarita)
Craig Ballard   (La Canada)
Jeff Waldron   (Costa Mesa)
Darryl Best   (El Toro)
Bryan Luithly   (San Clemente)
Mike Garrity   (Mater Dei)
Konrad Reuland   (Mater Dei)
Terrence Green   (Mater Dei)
Steve Coulter   (Tustin)
Michael Roll   (Aliso Niguel)
Kelvin Kim   (El Toro)
Vince Vankurin   (Esperanza)
Paul Porzuczek   (San Clemente)
Dwain Williams   (Murietta)
John Johnson   (El Toro)
Game #2
Rising Sophs Boys All Stars
Tyler Willsey   (San Clemente)
Marcus Blackshire   (San Clemente)
Jamie Diefenbach   (Newport Harbor)
Greg Okwndibonye   (Ocean View)
Tyler Smith   (Santa Margarita)
Brandon Matthews   (Santa Margarita)
Jed Collins   (Santa Margarita)
Tim Ahlering   (Santa Margarita)
James Lambert   (Marina)
Craig Austin   (Carlsbad)
Kevin Brown   (Aliso Niguel)
Mike Maley   (Aliso Niguel)
Chris Henry   (Mater Dei)
Lloyd Cotton   (Villa Park)
Evan Luithly   (Laguna Hills)
Steven Becker   (Marina)
Andre Pinnsett   (Mater Dei)
Patrick Joyce   (Mater Dei)
Tito Littleton   (San Diego)
Andrew Martin   (Servite)
Game #4
Rising Juniors Boys All Stars
Patrick Carney   (El Toro)
Matt Danison   (El Toro)
Sean Phaler   (Villa Park)
Corey Miller   (Villa Park)
Jeff Mee   (Trabuco Hills)
Josh Flynn Brown   (Redondo Union)
Sean Ferguson   (Servite)
Casey Ortiz   (Ocean View)
Jake Collins   (Santa Margarita)
Billy Hoffman   (La Canada)
Danny Krikorian   (Costa Mesa)
Drew Terry   (Northwood)
Chris Boldig   (Woodbridge)
Fred Washington   (Bishop Montgomery)
Omar Wilkes   (Loyola)
Wesley Washington   (Mater Dei)
Trevonte Nelson   (Mater Dei)
Brian White   (Trabuco Hills)
Mohamed Abukar   (Rancho Bernardo)
Greg Mayfield   (Carson)

There will also be two girls' games, and while we've listed them here last, we're actually looking forward to these two games more than the others. . . hey, after a while, watching guys can get a bit old, and the girls are a pleasant change of pace. . . Here are the two girls' game rosters. 

Game #3--AAU High School Girls All Stars
Ashley Voisinet   (Mater Dei)
Kim Buffum   (San Clemente)
Sam Boone   (Santa Margarita)
Alicia Komaki   (Troy)
Jennifer Katsuyama   (Brea)
Tina Kalogeropoolos   (Esperanza)
Kristin Thawley   (Irvine)
Kelsy Ball   (Huntington Beach)
Amy Sanders   (Huntington Beach)
Rachel Ziemann   (Edison)
Bianca Ziemann   (Edison)
Lindsey Pluimer   (San Clemente)
Megan Aaker   (Laguna Hills)
Melissa Jacob   (El Dorado)
Megan Blackshire   (San Clemente)
Erika Arriaran   (Jr. High)
Amanda Livingston   (Troy)
Charde Houston   (San Diego)
Nicole Nichols   (Marina)
Candice Wiggins   (La Jolla Country Day)
Game #7--AAU Top HS Girls All Stars
Kristin Jenkins   (San Clemente)
Bethany Blair   (Esperanza)
Brandi Davis   (Sonora)
Kristin Mann   (Foothill)
Veronica Johns Richardson   (Troy)
Kristin Lynch   (Santa Margarita)
Jenise Karcher   (Rosary)
Jen Farmer   (Rosary)
Kianey Givens Davis   (Troy)
Miranda Emdee   (Marina)
Kristin McCoy   (Cornona Del Mar)
Lara Gray   (Woodbridge)
Kelsy Sousa   (woodbridge)
Carrie Twaddle   (El Toro)
Tara Hefferly   (Brea Olinda)
Jody Carlson   (Irvine)
Sarah Flanagan   (Capo Valley)
Kelly Shimizu   (Villa Park)
Nancy Hatsushi   (Costa Mesa)
Stephanie Duda   (Los Alimitos)

The 2001 Roundball Extravaganza will be one of the best series of games of the year.  We'll have more details shortly, like price, and actual game times, but for now, we know where we'll be on June 3


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