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adidas Double Pump West Coast
All Star Camps Set For July--(June 19, 2001)

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adidas Double Pump West Coast All Star Camp


Cal State Dominguez Hills


1000 E. Victoria, Carson, CA


Session #1:  July 7 through 10, 2001
Session #2:  July 11 through 14, 2001


300 top players, tons of D-I coaches

NCAA Certified Event
Both Camps run during NCAA Evaluation Period

This year the NCAA has given us all a little "present" in the form of an mandatorily-enforced 10-day vacation right in the middle of July, thus shortening the summer evaluation period, making the events which will run during the exposure/evaluation period all the more critical to those rising seniors hoping to get recruited, and to those underclassmen, i.e., rising juniors, sophs and frosh, who want to impress the college coaches and make a name for themselves. And as a result of the numbers crunch this year, not only in terms of available summer recruiting evaluation days, but also as a result of the silly and misguided "5/8" rule which limits NCAA D-I teams from recruiting any more than 5 scholarship players in one year and a maximum of 8 in any two years, this July will be even more important to colleges and players than in any prior year that we can recall. 

The recruiting period this year will actually be two separate periods, July 7-14 and July 25-31.  And the first period is devoted to camps, camps and more camps, which will have college coaches scrambling all over the country.

The top two camps in the U.S., are Sonny Vaccaro's adidas ABCD Camp and Nike's All-American Camp.  ABCD will be held in Teaneck, New Jersey on the campus of Fairleigh Dickenson University, and Nike Camp will be held in Indianapolis at IUPUI (at least that's what we've been told).  Both of these camps are highly competitive and are strictly invitational only.

But while both ABCD and Nike Camps are happening a half a continent away (or is it a whole continent?) many other top players will be attending regional camps taking place during the first days of the July open evaluation period.  One of the best and most well-known of these camps is the adidas Double Pump West Coast All Star Camp, which runs in two different sessions.  The first session runs from July 7-10, and the second session will run from July 11-14.    Both sessions will be held at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

Unlike a lot of other camps, this one is not just games, games and more games, but actually features a lot of structure.  Players live in the on-campus dorms, and in addition to just getting to hang with other great players, there is also a fair amount of instruction and drill work taking place.    And you can't find two guys who are better equipped and suited to run a camp such as this than Phil Bryant and Aubrey McCreary, who have been working these camps together for close to a decade.  Phil and his wife Jan Bryant are the administrative gurus who make this thing happen, and Aubrey is an excellent motivator and coach.    While David and Dana Pump are great at building relationships and schmoozing with the college coaches (they're also pretty good at getting some top players on their teams as well), the real driving force for the West Coast All-Star Camps comes from Phil, Jan, Aubrey and the rest of their excellent staff of coaches who this thing run flawlessly year after year.

Generally speaking, WCAS #2 is considered the bigger draw for more nationally known rising seniors, and it usually features a good number of players who are returning from ABCD camp (the Nike players usually follow that circuit, and after Nike Camp head to Atlanta for the Nike Peach Jam and then to Florida for the Nike AAU Super Showcase).  The WCAS#1 is only slightly less competitive, and it usually features a lot of young, talented players.  In other words, you'll see more rising frosh, sophs, and juniors at the first session than you will at the second session, but both are still feature a lot of top seniors, since not everyone heads east.  

This year's version of the WCAS #1 will feature many top players from all over the West, including many of the best from both SoCal and NorCal, as well as players from Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, Texas, New Mexico and several other states.   This year, unlike last year, coaches will be in attendance throughout the entire camp, and most of the top scouting services will be in attendance, certainly at WCAS #2, which will run concurrently with the Fullcourt Press Camp (which actually runs a day shorter, from July 11-13 at Lynwood). . . so there will be hardly anywhere you can go during the second week in July without bumping into a college coach somewhere . . . .

It's a bit early for us to start listing attendees, and in fact we haven't seen the lists yet, but you can be sure that some of the best players in the West (and a few from the midwest and east too) will be attending one or both sessions.

We'll have the complete team rosters (at least those we know about) posted shortly before the first session of the camp starts, as well as schedules, etc.  If you're curious about the West Coast All Star Camp experience and who has attended in the past, just check out our archives from July of any year and you'll get an idea of who has attended and what the games and experience is like. . . . .

We're told that Double Pump still has a few spots available in the first session and that the second session also has a couple of spots remaining. . . but with July fast approaching, those of you who have put off making a decision about what to do will quickly find yourselves out of options.  If you need a registration form, you can print one out from the Double Pump's online site where they have camp registrations available.   And as always, if you have any questions,

The Double Pump West Coast All Star Camps will take place at Cal State Dominguez Hills, which is located right near the intersection of the 405/91/110 Freeways, readily accessible from just about anywhere in SoCal. . . From the 91 or the 405 exit at Avalon, and from the 110, exit to the 91 freeway (here's a map in case you get lost).

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See you there.

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