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2001 FullCourt Press Summer Spectacular
Tourney Location Change Today--(June 26, 2001)

2001 FullCourtPress
Summer Spectacular

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2001 FullCourtPress Summer Spectacular Tournament


LB Millikan HS & Lakewood Mayfair HS


June 25-28, 2001


24 Top SoCal HS teams

The Fullcourt Press Summer Spectacular got underway yesterday, but unfortunately, we got tied up with some real work, so couldn't make it down there.  But Dinos sent us a note to remind everyone of a very important schedule change for day two.  Here's the news:  

           Tuesday's June 26th schedule of games originally set for Mayfair will be played at Bellflower HS.

Ok, now you've heard it and you'll want to make a note of that if you are going to attend or watch any games. . . .

Again, here are the pools:

Pool A Pool B Pool C
Riverside MLK
Long Beach Cabrillo
Mater Dei
Long Beach Millikan
Anaheim Canyon
Long Beach Poly
Pasadena Muir
Corona Centennial
Canyon Springs
Pool D Pool E Pool F
Redondo Union
Villa Park
St. John Bosco
The Hood
Compton Centennial
Calvary Chapel Downey

Here's the schedule for the remaining games (we've omitted Monday's schedule, because of course those games have already been played):

Tuesday June 26 @ Millikan HS

9:00 am  

Loyola v. Calvary Chapel Downey

10:05 a.m.  

Redondo Union v. St. John Bosco

11:10 a.m.  

The Hood v. Compton Centennial

12:15 p.m.  

LB Poly v. Corona Centennial

1:20 p.m.  

Villa Park v. Redondo Union

2:25 p.m.  

Crenshaw v. St. John Bosco

3:30 p.m.  

Mater Dei v. Anaheim Canyon

4:35 p.m.  

Muir v. Canyon Springs

5:40 p.m.  

Millikan v. Pasadena

6:45 p.m.  

Westchester v. Artesia

7:50 p.m.  

Calvary Chapel Downey v. The Hood

8:55 p.m.  

LB Poly v. Canyon Springs

10:00 p.m.  

Anaheim Canyon v. Pasadena

Tuesday June 26 @ Bellflower HS

5:15 p.m.  

Riverside King v. Cabrillo

6:20 p.m.  

Mayfair v. Woodbridge

7:25 p.m.  

Loyola v. Compton Centennial

8:30 p.m.  

Claremont v. H-Squad

9:35 p.m.  

Muir v. Corona Centennial

Wednesday June 27 @ Millikan HS

9:30 am  

4th Pool A v. 4th Pool F

10:35 a.m.  

4th Pool B v. 4th Pool E

11:40 a.m.  

1st Pool C v. 2nd Pool D

12:45 p.m.  

1st Pool E v. 2nd Pool B

1:50 p.m.  

1st Pool B v. 2nd Pool E

2:55 p.m.  

1st Pool F v. 2nd Pool A

4:00 p.m.  

1st Pool D v. 2nd Pool C

5:05 p.m.  

1st Pool A v. 2nd Pool F

6:10 p.m.  

3rd Pool A v. 3rd Pool F

7:15 p.m.  

3rd Pool C v. 3rd Pool D

8:20 p.m.  

Quarterfinal (Winner 11:40 a.m. v. Winner   12:45 p.m.)

9:25 p.m.  

Quarterfinal (Winner 2:55 p.m. v. Winner 4:00 p.m.)

Wednesday June 27 @ Mayfair HS

9:30 am  

4th Pool C v. 4th Pool D

10:35 a.m.  

3rd Pool B v. 3rd Pool E

Thursday June 28 @ Millikan HS

12:30 p.m.  

Semi-Final I

1:35 p.m.  

Semi-Final II

2:40 p.m.

Exhibition Game (Belmont Shore v. H-Squad)

4:00 p.m.

Championship Game

As always, if need more info on the tournament you can contact Dinos by calling (562) 223-0190.   See you there.

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