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USC Picks Up Commitment From
Two-Sport Star Nate Robinson--(Dec. 18, 2001)

USC has apparently picked up a commit from Nate Robinson (5'-9" Sr. PG) from Rainier Beach HS in Seattle, who will sign a football NLI and also intends to play basketball.  According to two separate sources, and as also reported by "BibbyBaby's",  Robinson took a visit this past weekend and apparently made the commitment after spending considerable time not only with the football guys, but also with USC Coach Henry Bibby, who is particularly fond of diminutive but tough point guards.   Robinson is the point guard on a team with two other highly talented players, Loderick and Roderick Stewart, who although not as talented or as quick as the Cravens, also have a chance to be special players in their own right.

Robinson is one of the better point guards on the West Coast, very quick, and with great hops, he has the ability to get into the paint and dunk over players much bigger than he.  Some early rumors had said his grades were questionable for initial freshman eligibility, but it appears he'll be a full qualifier.   The big question is when, if ever, he'll see the hardwood, since most of USC's football-basketball crossovers haven't really quite worked out the way they do at some other schools (e.g., Teyo Johnson at Stanford, Tony Gonzales at Cal, etc...).  Greg Guenther, for example, has yet to see the floor in any USC basketball game, although it's not entirely without a reason:  Greg was injured last year, and this year, the Trojan footballers are still playing in a bowl game (something which hasn't happened at the other two above-mentioned schools in a while)....

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