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E-Mail E-Zine--(Dec. 5, 2001)

We're not sure how we ended up on this e-mail list, but we did, and it's actually kind of informative and fun. We don't recall subscribing, but that doesn't mean someone didn't do it for us (we suspect it was our friend, Ray Lokar, who also happens to be the new varsity head coach at Bishop Amat and he's also the current president of SCIBCA (Southern California Basketball Coaches Association).  Ray also has his own website where he offers basketball tips and news and notes, and if you haven't seen it, it's worth checking it out. is a weekly e-mail list and it's got some interesting and useful information, so we're passing it along.  Here's the latest edition we received yesterday: Weekly TipZine
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A good fast break is an organized offensive attack from the point of possession. The fast break should lead to quick and easy shot opportunities. Keep the pressure on the defense by having an early offense(also called a "secondary break") that the fast break flows into. The early offense should lead into whatever offensive attack that your team is running. Some general guidelines are listed to make your offense a quick hitting, high scoring machine.

Tip Of The Week
To start the fast break, all five defensive players must rebound, then turn away from the defense to pass the ball up the floor. If the passer is not able to throw the outlet, he could clear to the sidelines with a couple of dribbles if necessary, and then pass it. The other player should run the floor in wide fast break lanes! Throw the ball ahead if someone is open, then attack the basket and look for your shot. Other players should cut to the basket. If no one is open, swing the ball to the other side of the floor and make cuts according to your early offense. A good suggestion for what shots to look for, in order are:
1. Uncontested layup
2. Uncontested midrange jumper
3. Contested power shot close to the basket
4. Uncontested 3pt shot, if you have rebound position

If none of the above present itself, look to flow into your designated offense

Link Of The Week
A great site has resurfaced under a different name. CyberSports` Ernie Woods teams up with retired NBA coach Bob Kloppenburg for an in-depth look into the various basketball techniques and strategies of the game. Add together their basketball coaching/teaching experience, and it totals eighty plus years of involvement in the game.

This site is a central source on basketball information, a web site to provide coaches and players with the "know how" necessary for success. The techniques and strategies shared focus on both offense and defense, always keeping abreast of an ever evolving game and incorporating knowledge gained from the "best and brightest" coaches in the field.
Book/Product Recommendation
This is a book about a kid who had a dream about playing basketball. He didn´t want to be a star, just on a team.

It is a book about a guy who got cut from his high school team, but still tried to get a spot on a Top-25 college basketball team.

It is a book about the rocky road to success. It describes how Rick Majerus climbed from organizing pick-up games on Milwaukee´s playgrounds to coaching in the greatest spectacle in basketball, the NCAA Championship game.

Rick Majerus and Gene Wojciechowski do a great job of mixing first person narrative with humorous anecdotes from friends and colleagues to tell the story. If you love college basketball, or if you´re pursuing a dream with sweat and passion, check out this book.

Reviewer: Keith Brewster ( from Norman, Oklahoma

"Be quick, but don`t hurry!" --John Wooden

Guru Information
Ray Lokar, Basketball Guru
Coach Ray Lokar is the Head Basketball Coach at Bishop Amat High School and has coached for over 25 years at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels. Coach Lokar is the President of the Southern California Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association (SCIBCA). Coach "LOK" is one of the most sought after and respected clinicians in Southern California and now he comes directly to you with tips to improve the game.
Ray orders all his imprinted sportswear and uniforms from Sports`n`Stuff.

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