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Cal-Hi Sports Selects All-State
Teams: Division I--(Apr. 8, 2002)

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Cal-Hi has announced the names of the players selected to the 2001-2002 All-State Teams, organized by enrollment divisions.  Each team consists of 10 players, and a coach of the year, with one of the 10 players selected receiving the "Player of the Year" honors in the division.  These are the selections for the Boy's Division I All-State players (listed alphabetically):

Hassan Adams (Westchester, Los Angeles) 6-4 Sr.

Evan Burns (Fairfax, Los Angeles) 6-7 Sr.

Brandon Heath (Westchester, Los Angeles) 6-1 Sr.

Bobby Jones (Poly, Long Beach) 6-7 Sr.

Donovan Morris (Cajon, San Bernardino) 6-4 Sr.

Jayson Obazuaye (Andrew Hill, San Jose) 6-4 Sr.

David Paris (Modesto Christian) 6-8 Sr.

Leon Powe (Technical, Oakland) 6-8 Jr.

Armondo Surratt (Technical, Oakland) 5-10 Sr.

Marcus Williams (Crenshaw, Los Angeles) 6-3 Jr.


COACH OF THE YEAR: Ed Azzam (Westchester)

Congratulations to all of the players selected to the All-State teams from SoCalHoops.

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