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Double Pump-adidas Las Vegas Easter Tourney:
Complete List Of Teams Playing--(Apr. 1, 2002)

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We've already posted the schedules along with some notes on the teams who are playing that we know something about.  You can access the schedule by clicking this link for a complete tournament schedule in Adobe Acrobat PDF format,  or you can also check the article we posted earlier today.   We neglected, however, to list the complete 64 team participant list.  Here it is for those who are interested:


AAC #1 James Wroten
AAC #2 James Wroten
Arizona Heat Elliott Glabman
Arizona Stars Art Dye
Arizona Stars Gold Chuck Coburn
Baseline Ballers Bridget Saunders
Bay Area Ballers Nelson Washington
B Ball Sam Minor
Beach Cities BB Club Mike Mahoney
Bellflower Hoops Roy White
Bengals Kim Richo
BWBA Orange Bob Gottlieb
BWBA Purple Bob Gottlieb
BWBA White Bob Gottlieb
BWBA Red Bob Gottlieb
BWBA Black Bob Gottlieb
CABC Harry Wilson
Chico Tarheels Marlon Gamble
Copper State Jam Steve Rensch
Double Pump All Stars David Pump
Double Pump All Stars David Pump
EBO Darren Matsubara
EBO Jr Darren Matsubara
Emerald City Green Jason Baskett
Emerald City Pioneers Jason Baskett
Emerald City Black Jason Baskett
FOH Seattle Seniors Jeremy Eggers
FOH Seattle Black Jeremy Eggers
FOH Seattle Green Jeremy Eggers
FOH Wisconsin Price Johnson
Ft Worth Lions Tom Rodgers
Gary Payton/Nike Select Robert Lowden
H Squad Rick Issacs
High Five America Nichols
I Can All Stars Rock Johnson
IEBP Ballers #1 Keith Howard
IEBP Players Keith Howard
IEBP Ballers #2 Keith Howard
Inland #1 Elvert Perry
Inland #2 Elvert Perry
Jam On It Nevada Matt Williams
Lakewood Y Greg Suzuki
Las Vegas Rebels Merle Ferguson
Las Vegas Select Beige Merle Ferguson
Las Vegas Select Blue Merle Ferguson
Los Gatos Wildcats Les Schiefelbein
Modesto Slam N Jam Gary Porter
Nevada BB Academy Jason Glover
Nor Cal Heat Davin Johnson
Pump N Run Dana Pump
Pump N Run Arizona Anthony Ray
Pump N Run Seniors Marc Soderberg
Pump N Run Southeast Mark Komara
Salt Lake Metro Dave Hammer
San Jose Hoosiers Rick Perez
SCA Tom Lewis
SCA Tom Lewis
SD Cougars Jeff Harper
SD Cougars Jeff Harper
Silverado Doug Collins
The LAND Andre Chevalier
Troy Warriors TJ Hardeman
Ventura All Stars Kevin Lawrence
Villa Park Spartans Kevin Reynolds

Again, the tournament will run from Friday, April 5 through Sunday April 7, 2002, with games being played at Green Valley HS (the tournament headquarters), Durango and Silverado HS.  The first games will start at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, and there will be 28 games in all the first day.  The tournament is a dual-bracket tournament, meaning that there is no pool play.  Win your first game and advance in the winners' bracket, lose your first game and drop into the consolation bracket. The Championship game is set for Sunday, April 7, 2002 at 4:00 p.m. at Green Valley HS.

See you there

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