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Cal State Fullerton Also Goes
Overseas: Fredi Holm-Hadulla--(Aug. 21, 2002)

This one isn't official, but according to (the unofficial CSUF fan site which provides just about the only real evidence that life actually does exists in Fullerton), the Donny Daniels and his staff (Rob Orellana and Jason Levy) have picked up a commitment from a foreign player from Germany, Federic Holm-Hadulla (or "Fedi" as he must be known to his friends),  a 6'-1", 185 lb. guard.    Apparently, he will sign an athletic Grant-in-Aid (aka scholarship), but nothing is official quite yet, although TitanCentral reports that it soon will be.

The addition of Holm-Hadulla brings the number of new players who will be joining CSUF this season to an astounding ten new faces.  The other nine, including walk-ons, include: Ronald Roundtree (6'-8" Jr. PF) from Riverside CC;  Ralphie Holmes (6'-3" Jr. G) from Allan Hancock JC;    Zakee Smith (5'-11" Jr. PG) from Panola CC in Texas;   Jamal Forcheney (6'-7" Jr. PF) from West Hills CC;  Franck Essis (6'-4" Jr. F/G) from Chaffey College;  Bron Groomes (6'-7" Jr. F/G) from San Bernardino Valley JC;  Ronald Allen (6'-9" Fr. PF) from Artesia HS;   Gary Holmes (6'-6" Jr. F/G) from San Bernardino Valley JC;  and Eric Alvarez (5'-10" Jr. PG) from LA City College.

Whew....Fullerton came off NCAA probation last spring and for the first time was able to sign JC players, and obviously, Coach Daniels didn't waste any time.   We're not sure who is actually coming back from last season, but this is going to be one crowded team and there will be plenty of competition for minutes.

We don't know much about Fedi, but we have to say that the information with TitanCentral found in the oh-so-obvious computer- generated translation of his bio (originally in German) is just too funny to believe.  Next thing you know, Fullerton will be signing robots.   And it will be happy. 

Check this out:

According to, this is a Google-translated biography of this guy:

fedi.jpg (13671 bytes)Federic "Fedi" cross-beam Hadulla comes from the own youth, is 20
years old and 1.87 m large. It played in successful B and A-youth of the USC, but already for 3 years also in the 1. Crew occasionally an
important role. The ambitious "Fedi" carries the leotard Nr.4, is a very
fast wing player, but its actual position is the structure position (POINT
Guard). Its other sporty passion applies for the football. Also Fedi found over TV transmissions to the scholarship and then to the USC (... on the question: As you came to the basketball "... mostly with the bicycle!"). In its spare time a great deal fun occurs to it, with which it surprises its environment.

it played 1998 in the German selection with the most important youth
tournament of the world, with the Albert Schweitzer tournament in Mannheim. From the occasional "Ego Zocker" it developed to a true "Aufbau" player.

In the past season he put his Abitur down studied now, and slipped into the role of Markus Jochum as Playmaker, which he could fill out naturally not yet as these. In this year it - in such a way we hope - will be able to out-play its in the meantime considerable experience fully. The fact that the coach sets confidence into it points his appointment to the captain after the career end of Dirk Sodomann.

Huh?  Anyway, here's the original German, non-Google translation.

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