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Preliminary 2002-03 CIF-SS Master Boys'
& Girls' Varsity Schedules--(Oct. 10, 2002)

southern_sec.gif (3660 bytes)We now have the CIF-SS schedules....More correctly, we have a "preliminary" draft of the boys' and girls' varsity schedules.   Why are we posting preliminary schedules?   Because that's what we've got.....Basically, it's a long story, but to make it a short one, the schedules linked below are indeed preliminary, and were still set to go through one or two more slight revisions prior to actually being sent out for printing and distribution.  Essentially, as you'll see, when we received these, a few schools had not yet turned in their information, and hadn't submitted updated listings or schedule data.  Admittedly, these schedules are more than three weeks old now, but it's the most recent information we have so we're going to go with them. 

And right now, we also don't have the ability to get the completed, corrected schedules either since the CIF-SS office is closed this week (the entire CIF-SS administrative and support staff is moving the office this week from their longtime headquarters in Cerritos to a new address, i.e., 10932 Pine Street, Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2428).  So, because we were sort of lazy the last two weeks and didn't ask for updates, this is what we've got.

We certain that coaches or players will send us angry e-mails, no doubt informing us that we have the wrong schedules.  Ok, we agree.   Some of these schedules are wrong.  Fine.  Then send us the correct info and we'll add it or make the changes.  

We've converted the original typed schedule to Adobe Acrobat format (technically, it's Adobe's "Portable Document Format" or "pdf" which allows a document to be displayed in the original format, regardless of the operating system of the computer used.  Actually if you want a better explanation, read this....Thus, these schedules will look the same whether you view them on a Mac or a Windows, or Linux PC, or something else).  You will need Acrobat Reader to view these, so we suggest you get the free download (free Windows download or free Mac OS download) to view the schedules.

For each of the respective schedules, just click the appropriate link:

2002-03 Boys' Varsity CIF Southern Section Schedules

2003-03 Girls' Varsity CIF Southern Section Schedules

Anyway, we hope this info is helpful to someone.  And if it isn't, then just wait another week or two and we'll have the completed and revised schedules.

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