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SoCalHoops Tournament News

IEBP "Earn Your Stripes Classic" Tournament
This Weekend--(Oct. 31, 2002)

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1st Annual "Earn Your Stripes Classic"


A.B. Miller High School


San Bernardino


November 2-3, 2002


Games begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday

We received an e-mail yesterday from Keith Howard, and we had to do a double-take before we realized this was not going to be billed as any kind of officially sanctioned high school tournament.   Nevertheless, this tournament will feature groups of players organized into teams of players who are all from their own respective high schools.  We don't really know what each team is going to call itself, but we are assured that each squad will not be coached by any high school coaches, who under CIF-SS rules are not permitted to be coaching right now.  Rather, this will be just an opportunity for some of the Inland Empire high school guys to get together in an organized setting before the start of the official season to compete against each other.  So who is competing this weekend?   Here's what we know from the e-mail we received:

Teams scheduled to play:

Diamond Ranch
AB Miller
Riverside Notre Dame
Arroyo Valley

We also know that the event is sponsored by the Inland Superstar Foundation and IEBP, and we also know that if you want additional information, you can check out IEBP's own website at

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