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Welcome to SoCalHoops' links to the best and the worst of basketball software. You'll find the latest information on the best and the worst of basketball computer software for coaches, players, fans, league and player management, fantasy simulations and basketball computer and video game selections. From the serious to the not-so-serious, to the just plain fun, we've got links to just about every program written for basketball fanatics. And if you don't see something here, let us know and we'll add it.

Coaching Software

Practice Planner Pro

Practice Planner Pro is the premier software program for maximizing your ability to create highly organized practice plans. You can create your own customized drill directory containing up to 500 different categories, subcategories, and drills, including separate specific drills for guards, forwards and centers, etc. as well as team offense and defense. The program features "Evaluations" and "Scouting " features, designed to provide information on what your team needs to work on to be prepared for the next game. Record notes, view information on an opponent, look at past performances and strengths and weaknesses. The software is downloadable online at the SportsNetUSA website, where you can examine various features of the program.  If you have further questions or need other information, contact Mike May, at SportsNet USA, 805-288-2255 (Office) or 805-254-4745 (Fax), or send e-mail to  Credit Card telephone orders can be placed at 1-800-999-2734.

Sample Screen from The Coach's Edge

The Coach's Edge
Software for basketball and soccer for coaches. Web site demonstrating the technology features Shockwave (required for viewing on the net). The web site features a library of plays developed using the program. The technology has been featured on CBS Sports and a library of plays is also found in the Coaching box area of the Basketball Highway, which also markets the software throught the Hoop Store. Expensive at $249.95, but really the best.



Assistant Basketball Coach '98
New Software! Assistant Basketball Coach as been around for over 4 years. ABC '98 has been rated the #1 selling basketball program at Sysko's and USA Coaches. Assistant Basketball Coach '98 is a new product that makes the difficult task of managing and reporting players and teams statistics easy. It is designed for all coaches and players at various levels. Extreme Software has support available on-line or by phone. Download Assistant Basketball Coach '98's new demo, or check out the screen shots and try it before you buy it. ABC '98 Lite Evaluation version is available for Windows. Assistant Basketball Coach '98 Lite or Pro versions are available by calling (602) 996-9773. ABC '98 Professional is reportedly the top selling software program for 1996 and 1997 at USA Coaches, a retailer selling more than 2,200 products for coaches around the world. They can be reached at (800)-COACH-13.

Assistant Basketball WebCoach '98! - New Online Service
Extreme took their basketball software, moved it to the web and created a very cool new subscription based service. Assistant Basketball WebCoach '98 allows anyone with a Browser that supports html 3.2 to do statistics online. This is a FIRST of its kind online service. Try it out for free. Subscription service is required thereafter, for periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.

Sample screen from Basketball Replay

Basketball Replay Publishing and Scouting Software
Basketball RePlay is a complete play publishing and scouting software package for coaches and players on every level. Basketball RePlay gives you everything you need to quickly design and input plays, for professional-quality playbooks and scouting reports using any Windows based desktop PC, laptop. The software is expensive ($349 for the Standard version, and another $49.95 for the Chalkboard module), but its makers claim that it is used by the pros as well as college and high school coaches and scouts.



The Dynasport 600 is a courtside computer, combining both hardware and proprietary software developed by Dynasport for keeping virtually instantaneous stats. Coach Mike Montgomery of Stanford says "Our DynaSport 600 has been great for us. We have tried a number of high-tech programs that did not pan out, but we are using the DynaSport 600 every day. We can go hard for 3 hours and have a complete performance chart on each of our 15 players compiled and printed within 5 minutes of our last drill. That is a pretty good deal. Before last year, I did not even consider taking statistics in practice. Now, I do not know what we would do without it."

Other coaches who have pitched the Dynasport include many local So.Cal. High School and Junior College coaches. The DS 600 and DS600a can produce virtually instant stats and media reports. Looks impressive, and it must be especially expensive, because the website doesn't contain any pricing information. If you want that, you'll have to call or write to Dynasport at 2262 Rutherford Rd. Ste. 107, Carlsbad, CA 92008, (619) 930-2995 or 1-800-742-0663.

This software claims to help correct team and individual shooting errors. The program was written by Gary Fouts, the son of Coach Clyde Fouts, a former high school coach and shooting analyst. There are no screen shots and no demo on line. To order contact Successful Shooting Products, PO Box 923, Escondido, CA 92033; Telephone 1-888-736-4128 or Fax 760-736-4128.

Cybersports for Basketball
Reported to be "more than just stats software"--that's why we listed it here, instead of below in the "Stats" section. The software will keep stats on teams, players, and produce graphic reports. It's widely used here in the U.S. (even though the website which markets it is from Australia). It appears, from the screen shot, to have an easy to use graphic interface, which is very similar looking to Hoops! Stats software. There is no online demo version. Also StatMaster software from the same company.

League & Player Management & Officiating Software

Fixed It! Basketball Scoring Software
This software allows the user to score basketball games as they are played. The intended use for this program is for coaches, players, fans, official scorekeepers, and parents of youth league, high school, college, and pro players. Many versatile features. Download from FTP Site

Athletic Rules Study Software
Athletic Rules Study markets computer software that helps increase the rules knowledge of officials, coaches and student athletes. They currently we have versions for high school football, basketball, baseball, and softball. Versions will also be available summer of 97 for NCAA football, and high school volleyball. All of their high school programs are approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations and are priced at $20 or less. Online ordering or call 1-800-399-3013 for order or info.

TeamUp! Sports Management Software from InfoSports Youth Sports Online
This is a database management system (DBMS) designed to help local youth sports organizations (Little League®, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, etc.) track and maintain information on their players, sponsors, and adult volunteers. TeamUP is designed to run on Microsoft® Windows® 95 or Windows® NT based PCs. If you are using another database program InfoSports will, at no charge, assist you with "importing" your player information into TeamUP. Simply email them a "snipet" of the player portion of your database and they will create the necessary "action query" for you to use to import the information into TeamUP. When you send the "snipet" please use ficticious player names. Price: Standard Version $69 - Professional Version $159, plus $10 shipping. No sample screen shots online, but you can try out the
Professional Version Demo before deciding to buy.

Timeless Technologies Scheduling Wizard & Sports Master
Software that schedules games and tournament play in sports leagues. There is a downloadable online sample version so you can try it before you buy it. The web site doesn't feature screen shots, so you'll have to download the demo to see it. The web site takes a bit longer to load than some other commercial sites, perhaps because it also features a wav. music file for your listening pleasure while browsing the details of the program.

Bronzed Software--Basketball Unlimited
League management, player contact, draw creation and tournament management from Australia. Also featuring game results and statistics. Click here to download a Demo copy.

Overtime Software
League registration, scheduling, tournament management and facilities management for coaching staffs, league and recreation administrators. Each program is a separate "wizard", i.e., a stand-alone module, that can interface with the other modules, and each is written in Microsoft Access. There is no pricing online, just an address and an 800 number. No online demo or downloadable demo available, but you can order a demonstration disk online. For more info, contact Overtime Software at Sales: 800-467-0493, Fax: 919-782-6296, or Email:

Scouting Software

WinScout and WinPrint
This shareware software actually consists of two different programs, Winscout in which the data can be manipulated and input, and Winprint, which actually prints the reports generated by the scouting data program. These programs were developed in Belguim, and even though you'll find a link which indicates that the program is downloadable on line, clicking on the link returns "Not yet available." For now, it thus appears that if you want to try this program, you'll have to get it by sending an E-Mail or calling the international phone number in Belgium to contact the author.

Gaming and Betting Software

From ZDNET: March Madness! Pool Handler
By Hanoian Brothers March Madness! Pool Handler organizes your NCAA college basketball tournament pool from the starting 64 teams in four regional tourneys down to the Final Four. You must enter the team pairings for the start, then your pool players can complete their picks, which you enter on screen with radio buttons. Standings, results, and tournament winners can be displayed, but only Tournament Entry Forms are available until you register. Help is available but might be too small to read on high-resolution monitors and can't be resized. Does the program really compute standings, update pairings, and tell you who's ahead in the pool? There's no way to tell because the trial copy offers only layout samples of reports. System Requirements Windows 3.11 Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $8.99 if you decide to keep it.

From ZDNET: Pro Basketball Prophet
By Sportrends, Inc. Pro Basketball Prophet lets you apply past performance statistics to develop accurate forecasts of future pro basketball games. Using history from regular season and playoffs for the past two years, you can manipulate, weight, and vary the parameters to develop your own formulas. Check your formulas against actual games to determine the most successful ones. See how you do at predicting winners, best against the spread or over/under. Keep the stats up-to-date by entering new figures yourself or calling the author's BBS or Web site. The program includes a communications package that can be configured to dial up any BBS. Only serious players need apply -- the help file assumes you know what you're doing, and the depth of data is intimidating. System Requirements Windows 3.1x Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $139.95 if you decide to keep it.

NBA Forecaster
Gambling and handicapping software for all NBA teams and players. A demo is downloadable online.

From ZDNET: NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool
By Livermore Software. A database program for handling a company or office NCAA basketball tournament pool. Allows up to 128 players, and multiple pools. Prints a nice graph-style pick sheet, summary of picks, players and points. The cost of the pool is definable, and the program calculates the winner. System Requirements DOS 3.x Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $20 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: newsletter, program disks.

Easy Pool Tournament Software
Easy Pool is a Windows software program that completely automates your NCAA Basketball Pool. Grid-like screens, similar to the ones you see in newspapers, make it easy to setup and manage a pool. You can print and view detailed reports with a click of the mouse. EASY POOL is a shareware product. The unregistered version allows the pool master to set up a pool of no more than 3 players. The unregistered version is fully functional beyond that. Register the program for only $16.95.

From ZD Net: College Basketball Pool Manager
By Vitek Enterprises. College Basketball Pool Manager keeps track of 64 NCAA teams from their regional playoffs to the Final Four showdown for a tournament pool. You can print pick sheets for each participant. The program allows variable weight for each round, and can calculate a winner based on a tie-breaking score in the final game. This program isn't totally intuitive, but it can relieve a pool coordinator from the tedious task of scoring entries. System Requirements Visual Basic 3.0 runtime module and Windows 3.1x Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $20 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: bulletin board support, free updates, program disks, telephone support.

From ZDNet: NBA Playoffs
By R. Neal. NBA Playoffs provides a playoff chart for tracking the games all the way to the championship. It uses a colorful, graphical format. Click on a team to check or enter the game schedule. Click on the team button, and choose round winners from a picklist to add to the button. NBA Playoffs is an easy tracking system, but be careful--you can wipe out a team and their schedule by selecting an already assigned button. No help is provided, but NBA playoffs is straightforward enough that you may not miss it. System Requirements SVGA and Windows 3.1x Purchase Information Freeware

From ZDNet: PredMan-Big 64
By Diamante Software Manage your NCAA basketball tournament office pool with PredMan-Big 64. Match your skills with friends and coworkers in predicting the outcome of the NCAA tournament. Make your predictions on each tournament game. Pool members can set the points awarded for correctly predicting the winning team on each round. PredMan simultaneously allows you to keep up with the tourney's progress. The program's provides an easy-to-use interface with pushbuttons and drop-down menus. This evaluation version limits the number of pool participants to three. Registered version handles up to 500 pool members.System Requirements Windows 3.1x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $19 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: available site licensing.

From ZDNet: MM-Hoops
By March Madness Software. MM-Hoops is an NCAA Tournament Pool Management System. This system has been used for several years and saves considerable time in the management of a pool, while providing better features and greater accuracy than a manually operated pool. You determine the rules for your pool and set up the tournament pairings. When people return their brackets to you, you enter their picks into the system. As the tournament unfolds, you enter the actual results; at the click of a button, MM-Hoops calculates the pool standings for you, including each entrant's number of correct picks, points to date, and potential point total. Once the tournament is down to the Final Four, MM-Hoops even calculates the potential pool winners based on the remaining tournament scenarios. MM-Hoops features a well-designed user interface and comprehensive documentation. This version requires Microsoft Excel 5.0. System Requirements Microsoft Excel 5.0 and Windows 3.1x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: expanded features.

Stats Software

Hoops! Statistics Software
With the Hoops! statistic tracking software program, reports are available for individual players on a game-by-game basis. You can adjust the number of periods in a game and time in each period to meet your league standards. Reports generated are sorted by the statistic you choose. Detect improvements in player or team performance to plan a better strategy. Also, track opponent histories. On-line help; examine, change, or delete any statistic. Available for Macintosh and IBM/compatible computers. $69.00. No demo online, but a few good screen shots.

Turbo Stats Software
A commercial product, with different versions for most sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and soon soccer and volleyball versions. The authors claim that it is the official software for stats for the California Angels and the LA Dodgers. There are free downloads for demonstration versions. The purchase version sells for $59.95 and can be purchased through an electronic online order form. The software looks very intuitive and complete.

StatKeeper Software
This software looks nice, and claims to allow one to keep stats without using a keyboard; all input can be done by mouse during the game. With your personal computer at courtside StatKeeper provides you the information you need when and where you need it. Review reports during time outs, at half-time, or after the game. And the best news is that when the game is over, the work of data entry is over. A demo version is available online for downloading; the full program is not available for download, but can be ordered online for shipping.

From ZDNet: Basketball Stats Power
By Wisco Computing. Basketball Stats Power tracks statistics on virtually all scorebook entries for basketball players and games. You can track up to 45 teams of 17 players, with 45 games per team. Data entry is handled just like a spreadsheet, and sample high school data is included. Track players according to field goals, free throws, rebounds, assists, and other data. This menu-driven program is simple to use. You need only to enter your team's data, and print out the reports you choose. This version adds minor enhancements. System Requirements DOS 3.3 Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $39.95 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: ASP-approved shareware.

From ZDNet: Basketball Statistics
By Garry Finlay. What sets Basketball Statistics apart from other sports utilities that track statistics is it's ability to record a game in action. For example, a coach or an assistant can quickly enter all of the usual statistical information (shots, fouls, rebounds, etc.) for both teams during a game. Basketball Statistics also automatically updates percentages, and a time clock counts down the periods. In addition, it tracks player information and team statistics, and prints reports. System Requirements DOS 3.3 Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $50 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: available site licensing, manual, other

Quick Stats Service
Since 1987, Quick Stats Service® has been providing thousands of fantasy leagues with statistics, news and more. Pioneers in on-line fantasy sports statistics, they continue to usher in new trends in the delivery of quality statistics.

Big G Software Basketball Statistical Software
Features:Includes game, season, conference, and non-conference statistics
28 pre-defined stats, 4 additional stats that you define, Stores 60 games on disk; Totals and per-game averages; Combine selected games into reports; Print stats for individual players; Easy to correct data entry errors; Stat form included; Delete a game at any time; Keeps opponent statistics; Includes a player performance rating - You set the rating values; Tracks the following statistics: 2 point attempts, 2 point made, 2 point percentage, 3 point attempts, 3 point made, 3 point percentage Free shot attempts, free shot made, free shot percentage Total field goal percentage Total points Assists Steals Fouls Charges taken Playing time Offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, and more. System requirements: DOS - 640K of RAM, runs on Hard drive or diskette Macintosh - 2 Mb RAM, runs on Hard drive or diskette

Basketball Statistics Generator
A shareware program, which is downloadable online. Features a "shot map" to see where on the court your shots are being made, a stats generator for reports, season stats and easy input. The shareware version will let you try out the program 7 times; to register costs an additional $30.00.

StatMaster from Prowess
From the same folks who produce Cybersports for Basketball, this software is claimed to be used by the Australian National Basketball League. No online shots of the screen, and no demo for downloading, but it looks easy, albeit the lack of online pricing suggests that it might be a bit pricey.

Stat Factory Stats
A site featuring compilations of stats for fantasy leagues

StatTrak for Basketball from All-Pro Software
A basketball statistics management program. A downloadable demo, but no screenshots for sampling. $29.95 for the software.

Center Field Software Fast Break!
A statistics program for leagues, teams and a special fantasy league version. Can be updated weekly via their BBS and website A demo is available online. Price not listed online, but call for details.

B-Ball Professional Game Simulation Software
B-BALL is a user friendly computer game where you can play the pro teams. It was designed with the sole intent of being the most statistically accurate game playing model of professional basketball ever created. It simulates the playing of pro basketball games by re-creating every shot, pass, rebound, assist, steal, turnover, foul, and blocked shot based on players actual real life abilities. Single or multiple user versions, and league play on AOL.

Softseek Basketball Stats Program by Mojo
It automatically calculates the averages. Simply input the new figures after each game and the average and percentage fields will update automatically. You can sort and print the data, and use the statistics to better manage your team. A free download demo version is available.

Computer Gaming and Miscellaneous

Microsoft NBA Full Court Press for Win95
From Microsoft Inc. Put your skills to the test with head-to-head NBA action. Multiplayer competition lets you challenge other hoopsters to a game over a network, modem-to-modem, or right at your PC. If your team gets schooled, then trade for new talent. Better yet, create your own dominating NBA team! NBA Full Court Press delivers furious five-on-five action in all 29 NBA arenas. Motion capture of real NBA stars makes every denial, drain, dish, and dunk look true-to-life. And because game play is based on real NBA coaching, the pressure never lets up. High-resolution graphics show you the action in unbelievable detail. NBA announcer Kevin Calabro adds an exciting dimension to game play with his one-of-a-kind commentary.
System Requirements Windows 95 Purchase Information. Download the Demo.

Read the Review of this Program from C|Net

SLAM 'N' JAM '96 Demo
rom Crystal Dynamics. Slam 'N' Jam '96 gives you the 3D "Fast Break" Perspective. Magic and Kareem put you on the floor for all the no-look dishes and over-the-top thunder jams. The dynamic camera follows the 5-on-5 action up close and personal. Play Huge in-your-face hoops with players 2X as large as 16-bit games. Rotoscoped players jam the rock and scorch the twine with digitized displays of all-pro moves. Features the all new, high-octane color commentary of sports favorite, Van Earl Wright. This title has not yet been reviewed. System Requirements DOS 6.x Purchase Information Demo.

NBA Hangtime
From GT Interactive Software, 800/332-4300
Price: $39.95 Pentium-90, 8MB RAM, 1MB disk space, SVGA, 1X CD-ROM drive, Windows 95; Windows-compatible sound card

Read the Review of this Program from C|Net


From ZDNet: NCAA Championship Basketball
From GTE Interactive Media. NCAA Championship Basketball lets you get on the floor with your favorite Division l teams. GTE Interactive Media has pulled the stops out in this new game: Experience the intensity of events surrounding the NCAA championship -- on and off the court -- for added basketball realism. Recruit freshman players and \grow\ them into star athletes through four years of college play. Take control of your best players and push them to the max with a combination of strategy and skill. The success of each player and coach depends on your decisions

NBA Jam Extreme Demo from Acclaim Entertainment
Freeware from ZDNET. NBA Jam Extreme, from Acclaim Entertainment, takes you into a 3D basketball world for a two-on-two all-star game. Great sounds, animation, commentary, and extreme play make the game more than just Bball. Play offense, defense, pick, steal, and jam it. The Turbo option speeds you up, and the Extreme button will let you spend more time above the rim than Michael. It will take a powerhouse PC to run this, and the pace will make you think your joystick is broken. The interface isn't intuitive, and the choice limitations of the demo are confusing. Within a minute or two you'll be hearing the same sound bites, while your player sits looking the wrong way under the basket. NBA Jam Extreme looks great but will become boring quickly. System Requirements 16MB RAM, Sound card, and Windows 95 Purchase Information Demo only. Read the Review of this Program from C|Net.

Horse Basketball
A computer game downloadable online described as "The traditional game of Basketball brought to the computer. It features several court positions. Just as in the real game, the computer chooses several shot positions to test your skill level.

3 Point Basketball from MVPSoft Sports Games
Take on "ASBA" stars such as Shackle O'Deal and Bald Barkler in a 3 point shootout. The inimitable "BSPN" basketball personality Rick Vitality calls the action as you fire up those threes. Will you be "hot with the rock," or are your shots better described as "what a brick, baby?" 3 Point Basketball sounds great on your Sound Blaster, but you get digitized speech and sound effects even if you have only a PC speaker! Vivid 256-color 3D graphics, great action, hilarious commentary. Requires VGA+, mouse; Sound Blaster is optional. NOTE: This game MUST be run from DOS Mode in Windows95. Shareware

From ZDNet: Matchup Basketball
Shareware by James (Brad) Davenport; Matchup Basketball allows you to match basketball teams against one another. Imagine the 1986 Celtics against the 1995 Bulls. The outcome is based on actual team and player statistics. Create or edit your own team from the 1996-97 NBA players. View one play at a time or put it on cruise control and let them play. Play isn't random, its based on actual player statistics. Pick a dream team or your favorite coach. Shareware restricts you to shortened games. Registration lets you play full, four-quarter games, seven game series, or even a full 82 game season. Could Wilt beat Kareem? How about Bird vs. Jordan? Fun for the fan. System Requirements Windows 3.1x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it.

From ZDNET: Ultimate Basketball Association
By UBA: The Ultimate Basketball Association (UBA) is a statistics-based professional basketball simulator. Use it to watch your favorite team replay its season, or you can actively coach your team. The program's setup also lets you use it to maintain a complex simulation league. You can play just one quarter, or a complete game. The program provides generous documentation, and the entire 1993 to 1994 season. This update adds five stand-alone utilities for ease-of-use, cosmetic changes, and fixes. The current season rosters, statistics, and other past seasons are available for a nominal fee upon registration. Completed games are best used by printing the results to your printer. This update adds the ability to specify a variable number of teams, a default lineup, a playoff scheduler, a drafting utility, and a statistics editor. System Requirements DOS 3.3 Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $9-$35 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: bulletin board support.

From ZDNET: Hooops!
By Robert Tiess. Hooops! is a DOS arcade-style game in which a basketball bounces at the bottom of the screen while three hoops above move horizontally at various heights. Press a key and try to hit the moving target that represents a basket. After every 15 shots taken, you make it to a bonus round. The computer has someone trying to block your shots to add a little excitement. Hooops! is a somewhat mindless action game that can be entertaining for a few minutes. The program also changes the typematic rate of the keyboard until you reboot. System Requirements DOS 3.3 Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: license.

From ZDNet: LunarBBall
By Steve Neeley. In LunarBBall users play basketball at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tranquility Base on the Moon, or even in orbit around Jupiter. Players must contend with the gravity forces in the different environments using the mouse. Messages pop-up with interesting facts which makes LunarBBall a useful learning tool for children. Users can time their play and support for sound cards is included. System Requirements Windows 3.1x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: bulletin board support.

From ZD Net: BasketBall ShootOut
By TC Consulting Inc. If you're looking for a game of hoops, take BasketBall ShootOut for a test drive. Your goal is to sink five baskets in 3 minutes from each of four designated hotspots. You press your left mouse button at the right spot as a small basketball passes along a small window, representing your position on the court. The game offers four rounds, with increasing difficulty at each round. It keeps score for you and tracks your percentages. You can also earn a variety of bonus points and choose sound and music options to add interest to each game.System Requirements Windows 3.11 Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $7.95 if you decide to keep it.

Quadrangle Software's "Lights Out" Sports Screen Savers
No NBA savers yet, just college conferences. The program costs $19.95 and is downloadable online.

From ZDNET: BasketMath
By Robert Cummings BasketMath is a novel and useful tool for teaching elementary or remedial mathematics. Using a basketball metaphor, the program presents a variety of mathematical problems. Some problems are straight mathematical exercises; others are word- or graphics-oriented. With each correct answer, a basketball player runs across the screen and scores a goal. Each missed problem causes the player to miss his shot. Correct answers are points for the home team; misses are scored for the visiting team. At the end, the program shows areas needing additional study. Contact the author by phone or email for registration fee or other information. System Requirements DOS 3.3 Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $0 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: bulletin board support.

From ZDNET: Pop-A-Hoop
By TC Consulting Inc. Pop-a-Hoop is a simple but entertaining Windows game that mimics the basketball-shooting games found in many arcades and bars. You're in a race against the clock as you attempt to sink as many baskets as you can in the allotted time. Pop-a-Hoop requires hand-eye coordination and mouse-clicking skills, along with a little bit of luck. It features digitized graphics, music, and sound effects. It also tracks high scores so you can compete with your friends for bragging rights.System Requirements Visual Basic 3.0 runtime module (incl.), W32SS.ZIP, and Windows 3.1x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $19.95 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: free updates.

Video Game Software

Review of Konami's NBA in the Zone for Playstation

NBA Live 97 From Electronic Arts
The Official Site! Fake left, then go baseline. Launch past the defender and swing around for the reverse jam. Hang on the rim for a split second then hit the ground running to get back on D. This game is Live. NBA Live 97 is where the players play. Real NBA moves. Real NBA skills and strategy. Real players. For PC on CD, Playstation, Saturn, Genesis, and SNES.Read the Review of this Program from C|Net

NCAA Championship Basketball from GTE Interactive
Read the review of this program (which is no longer being supported by GTE Interactive) from C|Net.

NCAA Final Four '97 from Mindscape
The only hoop game that feels as real as it looks. Are you ready to run … cause there can only be one #1. We Got Next! It's March Madness all year! Come see if you got what it takes to make a run at the Final Four. Read the Review of this Program from C|Net

Fantasy Basketball Leagues,
Statistics Services &
Fantasy League Software

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We've tried to locate the best (or at least the most available) websites featuring fantasy league basketball in its various incarnations. Most of the services listed below offer leagues that are "pay-for-play"; many except the largest commercial services (e.g., ESPN) have very long waiting lists, or are "closed" because they are oversubscribed. Some are simply personal websites which display private leagues so we can all drool and fantasize about what a great league they must have. If you really want to play, join up with a good commercial service such as ESPN, or get some good software and start your own league with some friends. But investigate before paying any money. Caveat emptor, and if you find a site that you think should be listed here, send us an e-mail with the details.

General Fantasy League Stuff
Commercial Sites

ESPNet Fantasy Basketball--really one of the best, and our personal favorite. Trades are easy, leagues are well formed, message boards, stats updated automatically every day. And it's only $20 per team for the season.

SportsLine Fantasy Basketball--This version of the fantasy game looks a lot more sophisticated than the ESPN version, but it's also more expensive and a bit more intense. Basic cost is $29.95 for non-Sportsline members, $19.95 for members.

The Sporting News' Fantasy Hoops Interactive--it costs $49.95 per team, but there's some great prizes at the end of the season (a chance to win $5,000.00) and the news, stats, and other information is well organized.

OnHoops Fantasy League 1997-- Matt 'n Steve have done it again. This is the second year they are running a totally free Fantasy League. To quote their site: "In order to participate in the sophomore year of the Basketball Fantasia that is the On Hoops Fantasy League, you only need to have access to a PC with e-mail facilities and a web connection. You don't need to borrow anybody's credit card numbers, you don't need to be 18 or over, you don't even need to have a clue about basketball. Afterall, there are plenty of people with no idea about running a team in the NBA itself; look at Don Nelson, Greg Popovich and Eddie Jordan. Even if you make some major mistakes as coach/GM of your team this season, rest assured you won't be anywhere near as bad as these guys. The only difference is you won't be getting paid quite as much.

ScoreSheet Fantasy Basketball--a very nice looking game, a play-by-mail fantasy game in
which you own and operate your own NBA franchise. $79.00 per team.

Pro Basketball Market-- a twist on the fantasy game. Buy and sell "shares" of pro teams. Depending upon how well they are doing, your shares will either rise or fall. At least it's different.

College Basketball Market-- just like the Pro Basketball Market described above but with college teams.

2Play 1998 NBA Playoff Frenzy and 1998 NCAA Tourney Time Hoops--"pool" picking type games to accumulate the most points --just what you get for winning isn't exactly clear but it looks like it might be fun.

Picks-n-Rolls Fantasy Basketball--a nice looking league. Signups were scheduled to end October 31, 1997, but may still be open.

Fantasy Basketball on the Web--a Collection of Links,some of which are outdated or non-functional. Maybe they'll update them someday, maybe not.

Private Sites, Web Stats Services or "Closed" Leagues

Canadian Basketball Association--doesn't look like it's been updated for a few years, but it's got a great link to

The Doctors Weekly Fantasy Basketball--lots

Fantasy Basketball Association --a closed league with a waiting list of more than 400

Internet Fantasy Basketball Association--another "closed" league, which is full and no longer admitting new members.

RB40502--Rotisserie Basketball League; another private league that is apparently full and simply using the net so the rest of us can envy how much fun they're having without us.

Sac Jams--a private, rotisserie-type league, which apparently hasn't been updated since '96. Anyway, it's out there, but don't waste your time.

The UCL Official Home Site--Can't afford a spell-checker: Describes itself as the "premire" NBA Simulation League--another private league, with apparently no way to join--and why would you want to anyway; looks awful, and not updated since 95 or 96 (can't tell really).

Fantasy Stats and Software

From ZDNet: Keyboard Coach Hoops II
Keyboard Coach Hoops II is a fantasy basketball league manager for Windows. Become the owner, general manager and head coach of your own NBA team. League standings are based on the performance of the actual NBA players. Updated statistics can be manually entered or obtained from several on-line services for import into your game. You can have up to 20 teams in your league and you determine the pay-offs on a weekly and season ending basis. Nearly any team and player statistic can be viewed and used with a simple click of the mouse. Registration brings a General Manager module that will let you wheel and deal your way to the league championship. This otherwise attractive program lacks on-line help. System Requirements Windows 3.x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $45 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: ASP-approved shareware

Center Field Software Fast Break!
A statistics program for leagues, teams and a special fantasy league version. Can be updated weekly via their BBS and website A demo is available online. Price not listed online, but call for details.

Quick Stats Service
Since 1987, Quick Stats Service® has been providing thousands of fantasy leagues with statistics, news and more. Pioneers in on-line fantasy sports statistics, they continue to usher in new trends in the delivery of quality statistics.

Stat Factory Stats
A site featuring compilations of stats for fantasy leagues

SportsMaster for Basketball--describes itself as "an indispensable handicapping tool for the sports gambling enthusiast who want to win more money, more often wagering on basketball." It's probably also useful though for fantasy basketball, but why waste the money if you're not betting.

StatTrak for Basketball from All-Pro Software--really not designed for fantasy basketball, but could probably be used for it--actually for keeping stats on players, leagues, and teams in the real world.


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