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CIF-SS Small Enrollment Division Preview:
Heritage League 2001-02--(Oct. 30, 2001)

Faith Baptist
First Lutheran
Grace Brethren
Lutheran/Los Angeles

The Heritage League has not historically been the most balanced, and at the Division V level which most teams have been historically placed, the league usually has only one or two strong teams.  Last year saw Ribet dominate league competition, and this year is likely to be much different since Ribet has left the league to join Price and Rolling Hills Prep in the new Harbor League.   We actually don't have a lot of solid information on the rest of the teams in the Heritage, but we do have the official CIF-SS schedules for these teams (at least the ones submitted by each of the schools).   We've taken last season's playoff rosters (where we have them) and listed the players we would anticipate returning from each team.  The rosters below assume that the players shown haven't transferred, and while we know that transfers have been rampant in prior years, this year seems to be unusually quiet when it comes to players moving around.  We're not sure why that's the case...maybe we're just becoming jaded, but more and more, players seem to be staying put (well, except at Dominguez in Compton, but that's another story).  The top three teams are now Grace Brethren and LA Lutheran and probably Faith Baptist or First Lutheran.  

Heritage League Rosters Heritage League Schedules
Ribet Academy--10-0, 16-2 (1st) "Fightin Frogs"
(See Harbor League)--Ribet won the league for the past few years, but has now moved to the new Harbor League.....which we're sure bothers no one who remains in the Heritage League.
Grace Brethren--6-4, dnr (2nd tie) "Lancers"
Evan Marme 6'-0" Jr. G
David Wreesman 6'-12" So. F
Billy Padot 5'-10" Sr. G
Jon Taggart 6'-0" Sr. F
Eric Durso 5'-11" So. G
Stephen Wreesman 5'-11" Sr. F
Josh Matthieu 5'-90" Jr. G
Daniel Beaty 6'-5" Jr. C
Chris Soderlund 6'-0" Jr. C
(entire team from last season should return barring transfers)
Grace Brethren
Coach: TBA

N-28/D-1 @ Laguna Blanca Tourn
D 07 @ Brethren Christian
11 @ Rio Hondo Prep
27-29 @ LA Baptist Tourn
J 03 @ *Faith Baptist
08 *First Lutheran
10 @ *Pilgrim
15 @ *Lutheran/LA
22 *Faith Baptist
24 @ *First Lutheran
26 Laguna Beach
29 Lighthouse
31 *Pilgrim
F 01 @ Oaks Christian
05 *Lutheran/LA

LA Lutheran--6-4, 9-9 (2nd tie) "Lions"
Danny Lutton  5'-8" Sr. G
Kevin Hirata 5'-10" Jr. G
Craig Hanstedt 5'-11" Sr. F
Tony White 6'-0" Sr. G/F
Erick Bonilla 5'-6" Sr. G
Chris Armstrong 6'-5" Sr. C
Tony Park 6'-2" Sr. F/C
David Diehl 6'-2" Sr. C
Justin Hilleman 6'-0" Sr. F
Kyle Kornbacher 5'-9" Jr. C
Derrick Olson 6'-3" Sr. C
(graduated only 2 seniors--all others expected to return)
Lutheran/Los Angeles
Coach: Chad Janzen

N-29/D-1 @ Providence Tourn
D 04 @ Pacific Christian
06 St Genevieve
11-15 @ Bethel Christian Tourn
13 Milken Community
17 Antelope Valley Chr
19 @ Pilibos
J 03 @ *Pilgrim
05 @ Liberty Christian
08 @ *Faith Baptist
15 *Grace Brethren
17 @ *First Lutheran
22 *Pilgrim
24 *Faith Baptist
F 05 @ *Grace Brethren
07 *First Lutheran

First Lutheran--6-4, dnr (2nd tie)
roster information not available
Did not submit schedule to CIF-SS
Faith Baptist--2-8, 5-14 (5th)
We don't have any roster information simply because Faith Baptist didn't make the playoffs, and thus didn't submit any CIF media form.  We'll be sure to see them sometime this season, so we'll update this shortly.
Faith Baptist
Coach: Greg Weiss

D 04 Bethel Christian
6-8 @ Poly/P Tourn
10 Villanova Prep
27-29 @ Valley Christian/SM
J 04 *Grace Brethren
08 *Lutheran/LA
10 @ *First Lutheran
17 *Pilgrim
22 @ *Grace Brethren
24 @ *Lutheran/LA
31 *First Lutheran
F 02 Shalhevet
07 @ *Pilgrim

Pilgrim--0-10, 2-17 (6th) Pilgrim
Coach: Gene Hicks

J 03 *Lutheran/LA
10 *Grace Brethren
15 @ *First Lutheran
17 @ *Faith Baptist
22 @ *Lutheran/LA
31 @ *Grace Brethren
F 05 *First Lutheran
07 *Faith Baptist

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