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We've tried hard to assemble the very best collection of coaching resources available on the web for you. If you find a website, book, video, recruiting source, software program, or other coaching resource that's note here that you'd like to see us feature, please let us know by sending e-mail.
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Training, Drills, Plays, Strategy Websites new site, but one of the best.   Their basketball drills, workouts and other information is really second to no other site we've found for ease of use and simplicity. Very direct, incredibly useful information.  A must for every coach and player. Nutrition info, strength and conditioning, and basketball specific information.

Basketball Highway Comprehensive gold mine for basketball coaches and those players who want to find the kind of advice pros give to stars and beginners. Ttips, forums and a searchable database of coaching resources. 

Basketballs Best -- Information about coaching techniques, clinics, camps, videos, books, and other instructional materials

Basketball Chalk Talk--Used to be a fairly good message board for coaching information.  We haven't visited in a while, so we can't vouch for it.

Basketball Coaches Message Board--Just what it says, a message board with lots of good youth basketball information; now affiliated with an entire website with many other message forums for different sports. Designed for coaches.

Basketball Tips-- A nice list of tips, nothing more and nothing less.

Coach's Corner-- Ken Lindsay's site with information on coaching and playing. Articles are written in simple terms and easily understood. Coach Ray Lokar's site.  Ray is the former president of SCIBCA, a former college coach, and currently head coach at Bishop Amat HS in Southern California.

Coach Jackson's Site-- An extensive selection of offensive and defensive sets. Plays against different situations. An X's and O's coaching site.

Coach Riley's --Discussion board, plays, and Internet-only books for the youth coach.

Coaching Resources from CANCoach--Basketball coaching tips, drills, and plays that help you improve your basketball skills and playing techniques. --Nice site. Says it's "Designed by coaches for coaches."

Coach's Clipboard -- Coach James Gels offers tips and coaching strategies.

Coach's Notebook--The virtual notebook offers advice for coaches new to youth basketball, including practice tips, plays, drills and much more. 

Coaching Staff-- Well done site which combines various disciplines and provides a coaches' network and forum

Court Awareness Online--a resource devoted to women's basketball

Full Court Press--A Journal of Women's  Basketball, from youth to WNBA  Very complete coverage of women's basketball

Havenport Basketball Online Resources --E-mail lists, archives of messages, playbooks, strategy stuff

Hoops U. --The College of Basketball Knowledge helping coaches and players better their game. Plays, various drills, and a Quote of the Day are featured.

HoopTactics-- Ernie Woods and Bob Kloppenburg's site. Excellent.

In Search of Excellence--Coaching youth basketball site featuring basketball coaching tips, drills, plays, practice plan, weight training, playbook, and team building tips

InfoSports -- Youth Sports on the Web--Coaches will find tons of llinks and articles here. Pointers to and info on basketball and many other sports.

Journal of Basketball Studies-an interesting numbers approach. This site hasn't really changed it's approach or focus much in the last few years, and you can still get the same great scientific stuff and see just how stupid we all are. . . and you thought basketball was just a game. . . Sheesh.   For an old review of this site, take a look at our three year old review

Michael J. Wells' Coaching Pages--Links and commentary from the Coach of Keswick Christian High School, St. Petersburg, Fla.;Also links to the Suncoast Classic Tournament

North American Youth Sports Institute--A sports institute site with articles, links and message forums.

On Hoops--Not really a coaching site, but it's a must read for anyone interested in coaching, or teaching the game.  Mostly about NBA (in fact entirely about the NBA game) but well worth the reading

Piscopo Basketball Coaching Manuals--30 years of experience condensed into 16 coaching manuals.

Power Basketball--Coaching basketball, information for the youth basketball coach featuring monthly articles on offense, defense, fundamentals, also complete list of basketball links

The Referee Page -- a site by referees, for referees with questions and answers on rules and their application

SportAmerica Sport Videos -- SportAmerica has a huge selection of athletic educational and motivational videos, books and more for coaches or players of basketball. 

Sports Quest--The Virtual Resource Center for Sports Information.  Links and articles on coaching and training.

Time Out Coaching--Commercial newsletters for coaches

Tom Lynch's Coaching World--Could use a general redesign of its graphics, but it has a section devoted to "Thoughts on Youth Coaching" with some nice information.

USA Basketball On Line--The national governing body of basketball in the USA A site devoted to coaching players on how to improve their jumping ability.

Winning Hoops Online Winning Hoops has plays, diagrams and techniques for basketball coaches at all levels--from well-known Division 1 college coaches to men and women coaching grade school kids.

Women's Basketball Coaches Association--News and information, programs and events geared toward and designed for women coaches at the college and high school level.

College & Pro Coaches' Sites--About Coaches or By Coaches
  Larry Bird: Official Site--Get information on Bird's sales catalog with a list of hundreds of items, info on private signings, a list of new items and products, a collector network section and a list of stats.

Coack K Official Site--Does any other head coach even have his own official site? Current headlines, an inside look at playing for Coach K, Coach K comments, a Coach K Playmaker Online Tool, a Coach K screen get the idea.

Coach Karl--Official site of Coach George Karl, including info on his basketball camp, interview transcripts, and more. 

Coach Anderson's Basketball Network -- from a Northern California coach

Videos, Books & Products

Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball-- Steve Seidler's book on Miller's system of pressure
basketball. Diagrams from defense to offense, the breaking game, drills, conditioning.

Hoop Heaven-- Books, videos, software other products and more

Syskos Coaching Products--Books, videos, software

Rick Pitino Basketball Videos

M-Low Enterprises Playbooks

The Basketball Coach's Bible--a book recommended by Phil Jackson, foreword by Dale Brown

Basketball Made Simple: A Spectator's Guide-- how to watch basketball

Spinsational Publishing--from Sandy "Spin" Slade, the world's most famous and best ballhandler

W.G. Winter Bookseller Basketball Books

Sports SolutionS, Inc.--equipment,uniforms, photography for teams

Lute Olsen's "Developing the Perimeter Player"-- Review by Charles Kemp; video available for purchase from Allied Video

Beginning Basketball with Bibby--from USC Coach and former UCLA All-American Henry Bibby-- Video from  Allied Video; read the review by Mary Rinato Bermant

Building a Championship Offense-from Stanford Coach Tara Vandeveer--video available from Allied Video; read thereview by Mark G. Etling

Basetball Books from All the most recent bestsellers

The Coach's Clinic Virtual Bookstore- also from amazing quantity of basketball books, videos, CD's and other equipment for coaching

Breakthrough Sports Videos--"Swish" and "Team Building"  from Tom Nordland

League Organizer Software

Converse AllStar Basketball"How to Play Like a Pro" (book)

Net Friends Bookshelf-- Basketball

Basketball Canada Manuals for Development--aimed at coaches

Mojo Software for Basketball

A boy, a ball, a dream--- video on ballhandling skills

NCAA Videos-- from Cybersuperstores

Lute Olsen's "Developing the Big Man"Video--Review by Patricia Turnbull; video available for purchase from Allied Video

The "Shark" on Offense--Jerry Tarkanian-- Video from Allied Video; read the review from James E. Reppert

The "Shark" on Defense--Jerry Tarkanian--Video from Allied Video; read the review from Burton H. Brooks

Building a Championship Defense from Stanford Coach Tara Vandeveer-- video available from Allied Video; read the review by Marvin W. Andrews

V2K Basketball Videos--Converse, Pete Newell, Wooden, and many, many more instructional videos from Vista2000


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