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adidas Double Pump Best of Summer--
7/31 Day Three Complete Schedule--(July 21, 2001)

bestsum1.gif (6136 bytes) What:  adidas Double Pump "Best of Summer"
Who:  124 Top Travel and HS Teams
When: July 29-Aug. 1, 2001
Where: LMU & Lynwood HS

The Best of Summer will run for three days.  Here's the complete schedule for all of the games on Sunday, July 29, 2001 at both LMU and Lynwood.   For directions to facilities click here.  We also have a simplified listing of each team's first game (alphabetically) so if you can't find what you're looking for here, try that list. 

Tournament Schedule

NOTE: All teams must check in at Tournament Headquarters in the lobby of the Loyola Marymount University gymnasium. All games are played at either Loyola Marymount (LMU) or Lynwood High School (LHS). Teams listed first are home teams and should wear light uniforms when possible.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Pool Play Games

185 9:00am LMU 1 BB ______ Houston Superstars vs FOH WI #3 ______
186 9:00am LMU 2 A ______ Northern Stars vs New Mexico Flight OG ______


Winners advance as indicated, losers are out.

187 9:00am LMU 3 1st Pool F vs 2nd Pool U _____________________________________ Winner to G236
188 9:00am LMU 4 1st Pool Y vs 2nd Pool E _____________________________________ Winner to G236
189 9:00am LMU 5 1st Pool P vs 2nd Pool W _____________________________________ Winner to G237
190 9:00am LHS 1 3rd Pool F vs 3rd Pool U _____________________________________ Winner to G271
191 9:00am LHS 2 3rd Pool AA vs 3rd Pool E _____________________________________ Winner to G271
192 9:00am LHS 3 3rd Pool P vs 3rd Pool W _____________________________________ Winner to G272
193 10:10am LMU 1 1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool J _____________________________________ Winner to G237
194 10:10am LMU 2 1st Pool M vs 2nd Pool R _____________________________________ Winner to G241
195 10:10am LMU 3 1st Pool H vs 2nd Pool X _____________________________________ Winner to G241
196 10:10am LMU 4 1st Pool L vs 2nd Pool DD _____________________________________ Winner to G242
197 10:10am LMU 5 1st Pool T vs 2nd Pool N _____________________________________ Winner to G242
198 10:10am LHS 1 3rd Pool J vs 3rd Pool C _____________________________________ Winner to G272
199 10:10am LHS 2 3rd Pool R vs 3rd Pool M _____________________________________ Winner to G269
200 10:10am LHS 3 3rd Pool H vs 3rd Pool X _____________________________________ Winner to G269
201 11:20am LMU 1 1st Pool I vs 2nd Pool CC _____________________________________ Winner to G243
202 11:20am LMU 2 1st Pool O vs 2nd Pool F _____________________________________ Winner to G243
203 11:20am LMU 3 1st Pool K vs 2nd Pool P _____________________________________ Winner to G244
204 11:20am LMU 4 1st Pool G vs 2nd Pool Q _____________________________________ Winner to G244
205 11:20am LMU 5 1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool AA _____________________________________ Winner to G245
206 11:20am LHS 1 3rd Pool L vs 3rd Pool DD _____________________________________ Winner to G275
207 11:20am LHS 2 3rd Pool T vs 3rd Pool N _____________________________________ Winner to G275
208 11:20am LHS 3 3rd Pool I vs 3rd Pool CC _____________________________________ Winner to G276
209 12:30pm LMU 1 1st Pool X vs 2nd Pool D _____________________________________ Winner to G245
210 12:30pm LMU 2 1st Pool R vs 2nd Pool BB _____________________________________ Winner to G249
211 12:30pm LMU 3 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool EE _____________________________________ Winner to G249
212 12:30pm LMU 4 1st Pool E vs 2nd Pool A _____________________________________ Winner to G250
213 12:30pm LMU 5 1st Pool N vs 2nd Pool B _____________________________________ Winner to G250
214 12:30pm LHS 1 3rd Pool S vs 3rd Pool O _____________________________________ Winner to G276
215 12:30pm LHS 2 3rd Pool K vs 3rd Pool Z _____________________________________ Winner to G277
216 12:30pm LHS 3 3rd Pool G vs 3rd Pool Q _____________________________________ Winner to G277
217 1:40pm LMU 1 1st Pool S vs 2nd Pool C _____________________________________ Winner to G251
218 1:40pm LMU 2 1st Pool V vs 2nd Pool L _____________________________________ Winner to G251
219 1:40pm LMU 3 1st Pool D vs 2nd Pool T _____________________________________ Winner to G252
220 1:40pm LMU 4 1st Pool W vs 2nd Pool I _____________________________________ Winner to G252
221 1:40pm LMU 5 1st Pool Z vs 2nd Pool M _____________________________________ Winner to G253
222 1:40pm LHS 1 3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool Y _____________________________________ Winner to G278
223 1:40pm LHS 2 3rd Pool D vs 3rd Pool X _____________________________________ Winner to G278
224 1:40pm LHS 3 3rd Pool BB vs 3rd Pool V _____________________________________ Winner to G279
225 2:50pm LMU 1 1st Pool BB vs 2nd Pool H _____________________________________ Winner to G253
226 2:50pm LMU 2 1st Pool Q vs 2nd Pool Z _____________________________________ Winner to G257
227 2:50pm LMU 3 1st Pool AA vs 2nd Pool V _____________________________________ Winner to G257
228 2:50pm LMU 4 1st Pool CC vs 2nd Pool K _____________________________________ Winner to G258
229 2:50pm LMU 5 1st Pool J vs 2nd Pool O _____________________________________ Winner to G258
230 2:50pm LHS 1 3rd Pool B vs 3rd Pool EE _____________________________________ Winner to G279
231 2:50pm LHS 2 4th Pool E vs 4th Pool A _____________________________________ Winner to G280
232 2:50pm LHS 3 4th Pool N vs 4th Pool B _____________________________________ Winner to G280
233 4:00pm LMU 1 1st Pool U vs 2nd Pool S _____________________________________ Winner to G259
234 4:00pm LMU 5 1st Pool DD vs 2nd G _____________________________________ Winner to G259
235 4:00pm LMU 3 1st Pool EE vs 2nd Pool Y _____________________________________ Winner to G273
236 4:00pm LMU 4 Winner G187 vs Winner G188 _____________________________________ Winner to G260
237 4:00pm LMU 2 Winner G189 vs Winner G193 _____________________________________ Winner to G260
238 4:00pm LHS 1 4th Pool S vs 4th Pool C _____________________________________ Winner to G284
239 4:00pm LHS 2 4th Pool V vs 4th Pool L _____________________________________ Winner to G284
240 4:00pm LHS 3 4th Pool D vs 4th Pool T _____________________________________ Winner to G283
241 5:10pm LMU 1 Winner G194 vs Winner G195 _____________________________________ Winner to G261
242 5:10pm LMU 2 Winner G196 vs Winner G197 _____________________________________ Winner to G261
243 5:10pm LMU 3 Winner G201 vs Winner G202 _____________________________________ Winner to G265
244 5:10pm LMU 4 Winner G203 vs Winner G204 _____________________________________ Winner to G265
245 5:10pm LMU 5 Winner G205 vs Winner G209 _____________________________________ Winner to G266
246 5:10pm LHS 1 4th Pool W vs 4th Pool I _____________________________________ Winner to G283
247 5:10pm LHS 2 4th Pool M vs 4th Pool Z _____________________________________ Winner to G289
248 5:10pm LHS 3 4th Pool BB vs 4th Pool H _____________________________________ Winner to G289
249 6:20pm LMU 1 Winner G210 vs Winner G211 _____________________________________ Winner to G266
250 6:20pm LMU 2 Winner G212 vs Winner G213 _____________________________________ Winner to G267
251 6:20pm LMU 3 Winner G217 vs Winner G218 _____________________________________ Winner to G267
252 6:20pm LMU 4 Winner G219 vs Winner G220 _____________________________________ Winner to G268
253 6:20pm LMU 5 Winner G221 vs Winner G225 _____________________________________ Winner to G268
254 6:20pm LHS 1 4th Pool Q vs 4th Pool R _____________________________________ Winner to G285
255 6:20pm LHS 2 4th Pool AA vs 4th Pool P _____________________________________ Winner to G285
256 6:20pm LHS 3 4th Pool CC vs 4th Pool K _____________________________________ Winner to G290
257 7:30pm LMU 1 Winner G226 vs Winner G227 _____________________________________ Winner to G274
258 7:30pm LMU 2 Winner G228 vs Winner G229 _____________________________________ Winner to G274
259 7:30pm LMU 3 Winner G233 vs Winner G234 _____________________________________ Winner to G273
260 7:30pm LMU 4 Winner G236 vs Winner G237 _____________________________________ Winner to G281
261 7:30pm LMU 5 Winner G241 vs Winner G242 _____________________________________ Winner to G281
262 7:30pm LHS 1 4th Pool J vs 4th Pool O _____________________________________ Winner to G290
263 7:30pm LHS 2 4th Pool U vs 4th Pool F _____________________________________ Winner to G288
264 7:30pm LHS 3 4th Pool DD vs 4th Pool G _____________________________________ Winner to G288
265 8:40pm LMU 3 Winner G243 vs Winner G244 _____________________________________ Winner to G282
266 8:40pm LMU 1 Winner G245 vs Winner G249 _____________________________________ Winner to G282
267 8:40pm LMU 4 Winner G250 vs Winner G251 _____________________________________ Winner to G286
268 8:40pm LMU 2 Winner G252 vs Winner G253 _____________________________________ Winner to G286
269 8:40pm LMU 5 Winner G199 vs Winner G200 _____________________________________ Winner to G300
270 8:40pm LHS 1 4th Pool Y vs 4th Pool EE _____________________________________ Winner to G295
271 8:40pm LHS 2 Winner G190 vs Winner G191 _____________________________________ Winner to G293
272 8:40pm LHS 3 Winner G192 vs Winner G198 _____________________________________ Winner to G293
273 9:50pm LMU 1 Winner G235 vs Winner G259 _____________________________________ Winner to G287
274 9:50pm LMU 2 Winner G257 vs Winner G258 _____________________________________ Winner to G287
275 9:50pm LMU 3 Winner G206 vs Winner G207 _____________________________________ Winner to G300
276 9:50pm LMU 4 Winner G208 vs Winner G214 _____________________________________ Winner to G294
277 9:50pm LMU 5 Winner G215 vs Winner G216 _____________________________________ Winner to G294
278 9:50pm LHS 1 Winner G222 vs Winner G223 _____________________________________ Winner to G292
279 9:50pm LHS 2 Winner G224 vs Winner G230 _____________________________________ Winner to G292
280 9:50pm LHS 3 Winner G231 vs Winner G232 _____________________________________ Winner to G297

See you there.

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