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One Of The Best--(Dec. 6, 2001)

When we first started SoCalHoops, one of our main objectives was to compile as much information as possible, as many links as possible to as many sites as were available for those interested in learning about the game, and in particular, those interested in learning about various aspects of coaching and teaching the game.   For us, that meant finding sites like the now-defunct Coach's, which featured some of the best java-based demonstrations of offense and defense around.   Sadly, that site is no longer, having gone for the big bucks (We had heard that CBS Sports bought the software to use as part of their college basketball telecasts, and in fact saw it in use a few years ago, but it's been quite some time since we've heard or seen anything about it.).  We've still got a nice collection of sites in our "Coaching Resources" and now it looks like we'll have to update those links to include yet another great site:   is the brainchild of  retired NBA coach Bob Kloppenburg and Ernie Woods of CyberSports. The site provides an in depth look into the various basketball techniques and strategies of the game, and gives insights usually found only at the most elite clinics and coaching/teaching spots. Kloppenburg tried a few web ventures before this one, but this is the best, and the site actually delivers on the promise of being "a web site to provide coaches and players with the 'know how' necessary for success." has some great stuff available online, from offenses, to tips on scouting, how and why to keep and analyze stats,  and it provides easy to understand diagrams on offensive sets, and defensive skills with clarity and simplicity.

If you're a coach at any level of the game, from youth level to high school, college or professional, this is a site you'll want to visit often, and we recommend it highly. 

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