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Class of 2003 NorCal: Hoop Scoop Ranks
Top California Players--(Nov. 17, 2000)

2000-2001 HoopScoop California Player Rankings

2003 Statewide 2002 Statewide 2001 Statewide
SoCal PGs SoCal PGs SoCal PGs
SoCal SGs SoCal SGs SoCal SGs
SoCal WFs SoCal WFs SoCal WFs
SoCal PFs SoCal PFs SoCal PFs
SoCal Cs SoCal Cs SoCal Cs
NorCal NorCal NorCal

Each spring and fall we publish our own SoCalHoops lists of the "Best of the Best. . . " In our own lists we identify players but don't assign numerical rankings.  But just about everyone else who follows college recruiting does, including Clark Francis at the HoopScoop. Clark's been ranking and rating college prospects for more than 20 years.  Over the last few years, he's had an assist from Dinos Trigonis when it comes to ranking California players, and once again, they've compiled rankings for the entire State of California.  You can see their overall rankings by clicking on the "Composite State List" links above, or even better,  you can get a subscription to the Hoop Scoop, and check out all of their statewide reports to see how the California players stack up against the rest of the country.  We've broken down HoopScoop's lists of California players, and this list is only those NorCal players listed within the California Class of 2003, the current sophomores.

Player Ht. Class Position Hometown High School
4 Leon Powe 6'6 2003 PF Oakland Tech
7 John Winston 6'2 2003 PG Richmond Salesian
9 Jarrod Boswell 6'11 2003 C Lakeside El Capitan
22 Darrius Parker 6'0 2003 PG Oakland Oakland
28 Kevin Neveau 6'6 2003 WF Alameda St. Joseph
29 Levar Halsell 6'9 2003 C San Leandro San Leandro
34 Anthony Brown 6'5 2003 WF Sacramento Kennedy
35 Ike Counts 6'2 2003 PG Oakland Skyline
49 Austin Paris 6'1 2003 PG Modesto Christian
57 Garrick McDowell 6'10 2003 C Gridley Gridley
70 Omar Parham 6'3 2003 2G Berkeley St. Mary's
72 Ricky Lampkins 5'6 2003 PG Mountain View St. Francis
73 Brian Edwards 6'5 2003 PF Stockton Edison
74 Aaron Von Boeckman 6'7 2003 PF Fairfield Armijo
75 Bret Rubin 5'10 2003 PG Redwood City Sequoia
76 Jordan Couch 6'2 2003 2G San Jose Bellarmine Prep
77 Brian Hicks 6'5 2003 WF Danville Monte Vista

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