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Class of 2001 WF's: Hoop Scoop Ranks
Top California Players--(Nov. 18, 2000)

2000-2001 HoopScoop California Player Rankings

2003 Statewide 2002 Statewide 2001 Statewide
SoCal PGs SoCal PGs SoCal PGs
SoCal SGs SoCal SGs SoCal SGs
SoCal WFs SoCal WFs SoCal WFs
SoCal PFs SoCal PFs SoCal PFs
SoCal Cs SoCal Cs SoCal Cs
NorCal NorCal NorCal

Each spring and fall we publish our own SoCalHoops lists of the "Best of the Best. . . " In our own lists we identify players but don't assign numerical rankings.  But just about everyone else who follows college recruiting does, including Clark Francis at the HoopScoop. Clark's been ranking and rating college prospects for more than 20 years.  Over the last few years, he's had an assist from Dinos Trigonis when it comes to ranking California players, and once again, they've compiled rankings for the entire State of California.  You can see their overall rankings by clicking on the "Composite State List" links above, or even better,  you can get a subscription to the Hoop Scoop, and check out all of their statewide reports to see how the California players stack up against the rest of the country.  We've broken down HoopScoop's lists of California players, separating them by position so that we can see which players HoopScoop likes at each position, and their overall ranking within the region at that position. Here are the SoCal senior wing forwards:

Hoop Scoop Player Rankings--SoCal Senior Wing Forwards

Player Ht Class Pos City High School Committed To
1 2 Josh Childress 6'6 2001 WF Lakewood Mayfair Stanford
2 6 Andre Patterson 6'7 2001 WF Los Angeles Washington UCLA
3 8 Floyd North 6'5 2001 WF San Diego St. Augustine Oregon State
4 23 Kirk Snyder 6'6 2001 WF Upland Upland Nevada
5 25 Nick Curtis 6'7 2001 WF Oxnard Oxnard  
6 29 Antonio Griffin 6'6 2001 WF Compton Centennial  
7 38 Torin Beeler 6'5 2001 WF Huntington Ocean View  
8 40 Micah Lombard 6'7 2001 WF Claremont Claremont  
9 53 Trey Putnam 6'7 2001 WF Santa Barbara Santa Barbara  
10 58 David Sybesma 6'5 2001 WF Corona Centennial  
11 73 David Newkirk 6'5 2001 WF Sierra Madre Maranatha  
12 76 D.J. Brown 6'5 2001 WF San Diego Horizon San Francisco
13 88 Amani Danish 6'7 2001 WF Los Angeles Pacific Hills  
14 89 Markee White 6'5 2001 WF Long Beach Poly  
15 98 Rasheed Oliver 6'6 2001 WF Los Angeles Palisades  
16 104 Jonathon Harper 6'5 2001 WF Long Beach Poly  
17 123 Danny Lambert 6'5 2001 WF Irvine Woodbridge  
18 132 Jackson Wood 6'5 2001 WF Beaumont Beaumont  
19 135 Paul Heradia 6'4 2001 WF Cathedral City Cathedral City  

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